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Exhibition ‘Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi’ on View till 07th March

Exhibition ‘Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi’ was organized by Korean Cultural Center India which presented an archive of processes and experiments that began as public interventions in Mumbai. The Exhibition ‘ Seoul , Mumbai to Delhi, elicited a question into our relationship with food, how the action and function of eating - feeding - gathering - nurturing may evoke and provoke nostalgia, memory. Can food really define us, our relations with others – whilst provoking human vulnerabilities? Seven artists Jungjin Ahn, Shiv Ahuja, Kyungwoo Chun, Youngdon Jung, Chankyu Kim, Jaeyeon Kim and Taejun Yun exhibited 4 projects - tiffin boxes, plates, paper packets and leftover food, which invited and engaged people to rethink about these items whose value is often ignored or taken for granted. Artist Jaeyeon Kim presesnted ‘A Portrait’ Taejun Yun showcased his art work on ‘Keep Silent About What You Cannot Say’, Kyungwoo Chun presented Light Calligraphy and Dabbawalas Lunch, Shiv Ahuja showcased ‘Timepass’ Youngdon Jung presented ‘The Plates of Plate’, Jeongjin Ahn - No way out, and Chankyu Kim presented ‘Children of star’. 1) YOUNGDON JUNG - THE PLATES OF PLATE, 2017-2018 With this project, the artist explored the relationship and stories that chefs have with food. Personal stories about veg pulao were hand written on the plates by 12 chefs in Mumbai. Later, 12 selected participants were invited to dine together and share a meal of veg pulao on these plates with stories. The participants uncovered the hidden stories as they consumed the pulao. The artist aims to share this interactive experience with chefs and participants of Delhi, exploring the relationship with veg Biryani. The stories can be read on the display of all the plates and the book documenting the process of the project held in Mumbai. 2) JEONGJIN AHN, NO WAY OUT, 2016-2017 NO WAY OUT is a project that explores visual perception with differing spatial settings. The spaces are the subjects in the images that have personal, social or natural characters. He works with the concept of gaze - putting together what the eyes can and cannot see at one point. These opposite facing gazes face each other as they are placed together in the photographs, as spheres blend with the background. 3) JAEYEON KIM, A PORTRAIT, 2015-2016 Art work - A PORTRAIT consists of series of images that are combined together to create portraits of plants, as these evolving images create faces of plants. The series also depict its comparison between the portrait of the faces of plant and people. These faces are created by processing small details in the photographs. The artist not only observes these facial features, but also questions its existence in the photos. Are these just plants or are they really faces? 4) TAEJUN YUN a) KEEP SILENT ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN NOT SAY, 2017 -PARTICIPATORY PROJECT, INSTALLATION The project begins with a story written by the participants. It involves the process of unraveling fragments of various memories collected through the day through words. The participants are invited to write on the piece on naan with various chutneys, bringing to life the concept of 'playing with food' - invoking a deeper unfound relationship of self, food and digestion. These interactive series of actions took place on the streets of Mumbai where people spontaneously participated by writing on dosas that were sold by street vendors. b) FLOWER FLAME, 2016 - PIGMENT PRINT, 180x100 CM The artists has made use of found objects that resemble fragments of the mind, such as pebbles, scattered tiles, sculptures, letters and feathers. The mind is neither visible nor touched but continues to exist, yet it can burn away. It is a constant and quiet part of a person that may struggle and burn but is never revealed. 5) KYUNGWOO CHUN - PERFECT RELAY, 2012 VIDEO BASED ON PERFORMANCE, SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO, SOUND 18 children from 18 countries were asked to write in their native language – expressions related to games – using the wrong hand. This challenge invited enormous concentration but the result was illegible and replete with mistakes. a) DABBAWALLAS LUNCH, 2017 - PARTICIPATORY PROJECT, PERFORMANCE & INSTALLATION A performance where inexperienced volunteers became dabbawalas for dabbawalas. They collected a wish-list of meals and attempted to deliver these individually. This work notes the processes involved in delivering the boxes on time at specific locations, exploring the complexities that lie in its execution. b) LIGHT CALLIGRAPHY 1-4, 2005 - C-Print, 100x130 CM EACH Calligraphy students were asked to write text in the air, using a light pen. They were free to decide the flow and content of the text produced, whilst the artist photographed them using his notable technique of long portraiture that lies in the prolonged exposure time with minutes that match the number of their age. 6) SHIV AHUJA a) TIMEPASS, 2017-2018 - PARTICIPATORY PROJECT, ARTIST BOOK & INSTALLATION His project explores the relationship of personal stories that are associated with food by interacting with the participants to take a moment to pause and reflect upon memory. Participants are invited to write stories on their paper packets, reflecting and sharing moments with the artist as he captures their essence through their written notes and instant photographs. b) RE CNSTRRCCT, 2016 -PIGMENT PRINT, DIMENSTIONS VARIABLE RE CNSTRRCCT is a site specific project that revolves around the environment of Sewoon Sangga, with a focus on the area where Cabinet Seoul is located. The artist has taken inspiration from the lenses of architecture and the historical background of the space. This Modernist building was considered revolutionary due to its design of multi-utility space. This is a structure that was considered problematic by the people but now is considered to be a symbol of the first wave of rapid growth in Seoul. 7) CHANKYU KIM, CHILDREN OF STAR, 2016~ (PIGMENT PRINT, DIMENSIONS VARIABLE) Chankyu Kim's project, CHILDREN OF STAR explores the basic but most fundamental questions of who we are, where we come from and where we are going. The artist illustrates through his photographs, how closely these questions relate to our everyday lives - and his challenge of finding the answers to these questions. The project explores the existential worries of the youth, along with the worry of tomorrow. CHILDREN OF STAR is the artist's attempt to revisit these thoughts that would lead us to find our own interpretations about life through expressive photographs. Project Details: Sizak is a project curated by eminent photographer Kyungwoo Chun who is a professor at Chung-Ang University. Project Sizak consists of photography art, installations, performances and new age media by some of the most talented and experimental young photographers of Korea. The experiments of these photographers combine participation, performance, sculpture and their projects act as introspections on the uncertainties of daily life. The Korean word "SIZAK'' means 'beginning' and 'study'. The photographers explore personal and social narratives of memory, spaces and people. The participating artists aim to closely reflect on everyday life and habits in dynamic moments.   

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