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Andrews and Company Makes Payroll Services for Small Businesses Simple

2019-06-19 01:25:40 Legal / Law


(Coral Springs, FL): There are many aspects of running a small business that take time and attention to handle properly, and payroll is no exception. From monitoring tax rates & writing checks to preparing reports for taxes, the payroll is much more intricate than just paying employees. Not only is it complex but also incredibly important, as your employees rely on the fact that your payroll is handled properly and well-documented so that taxes and the IRS are not a problem. You’ve got your hands full running your business, so leave payroll management to professionals like Andrews and Company that you can trust to do it right every time.

To avoid accounting and tax issues, your payroll needs to be expertly configured, monitored, and managed. This includes collecting the appropriate tax information, including exemptions, tax status, and more from all your employees so that you can calculate and withhold the appropriate amount of taxes from any payments, simplifying the yearly tax returns for your employees.

Additionally, you need to set a schedule for your payroll so that it can be paid out regularly and reliably to your employees on time, eliminating any concerns of a loss of their income. Throughout the year, you will also need to record all transactions for the business’ tax return so that the proper exemptions can be made for wages. Proper record keeping can be the difference between seamlessly filing taxes and being audited.

While this may seem like a serious task to many, the experts at Andrews and Company have been managing payroll services for small businesses since 1981 and are the very best at achieving consistent results curating and filing with the online IRS.

Andrews and Company are payroll experts that can help you file your tax forms with the online IRS, manage your payroll, or provide general accounting services. Since 1981 Lewis Andrews and his team have worked to develop a diverse and loyal clientele that couldn’t be happier with their services. If you’re seeking help managing payroll or taxes for your small business, Andrews and Company are the people to call for prompt, professional, and affordable help. Visit for more information.

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