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EDF drone video featured in popular magazine upon its release

2019-08-23 07:18:13 Design


If you haven’t been to Philadelphia, the best way to tour the city is by watching the drone video released by EDF Workshop. EDF Workshop is a video production company based in Philadelphia. The company’s name was recently in news for their drone video production. The rich heritage of the city and its iconic monuments are all captured in this short video production. The video is available for viewing on their official website and on YouTube.

In its official website, EDF Workshop stocks several videos they have produced which available for licensing or for purchase. The EDF team can also be contacted through the website to produce any promotional, corporate, or personal videos. website states that the EDF team works step by step with the client and throughout the entire production process to transform the ideas of the client into an artistic and marketable finished product. EDF workshop is known for their aerial drone video productions. The website says that EDF Workshop is capable of aerial drone video at UHD 4K resolution from 24-30 fps. For slow motion video, they can also capture 60fps in 1080 HD. The website official further explains that the EDF Team operates a dual pilot aerial system, one to control the drone and the other to control the camera. A live feed is wirelessly transmitted to the pilots’ monitors and to the client’s monitor. EDF Workshop produces web and graphic designs. The website officials also pride themselves on using original music composition in all their video productions.

EDF workshop provides services such video production and marketing service group that specializes in video production and digital content. The edfworkshop website team works closely with the clients and will handle every aspect of the production process to expand the client’s idea and to create the client’s vision into the video. For more information please visit is an online video production and marketing service website that provides various video and digital content production services. The website is popular for its drone video production and quality video production for live events, corporate videos, music video, promos etc.

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