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Announcing ‘the Best longboards 2017’ from Experts for Exploring Wondrous World

2019-08-04 12:55:17 Automotive


When it comes to skating, choosing the Best longboards is the most crucial and also necessary step as this can determine the outcome and with the introduction to better and more explicit longboards from various brands, it has now emerged as one of the most addictive sports. Choosing the right longboards may not be a very easy task and with this, Longboards Skating has announced the list of the Best longboards for 2017.

Under the category of the Best longboards being announced comes the Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop longboard 8lbs which have gained its position for being the most ideal for downhill racing and freestyle tricks. Playshion Freeride Freestyle best longboard 7.7lbs which offers quick turns and sudden carving with smooth and high speed rides. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop thru Cruzer 7lbs is being reported to come in various designs and colors added with the best material as well as stability.

Another in line is the Atom Drop-Through longboard 7.9lbs which are declared to possess heavy duty wheels with high quality grip tape and longevity. Atom Pin-Tail longboard 7.3lbs has also won the list due to its smooth and non-wobbly cruising and for it speed irrespective of the surface. In the line also fall the Atom Drop Deck longboard 41” 10lbs with the best flexibility and stability. MBS All-Terrain longboard 12.6lbs has been in news for its tight tolerance, while the Sector 9 Blue Wave lookout 7lbs for its friction free cruising. Playshion Pintail Cruising longboard complete 42; 7.4lbs is reported to be the best choice for beginners and the Sector Aperture Sidewinder6.9lbs comes with extra accessories. For more information please visit

About Longboard Skating:

This is a site which offers the best reviews on Best longboards with all its features, added with its pros and cons so as to make it easier for users to determine what kind of longboards would be more suitable. It is a buyer’s guide site to help explore the wondrous world.

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