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astroYogi launched their Daily Horoscope - Astrology for Zodiac Signs app in Apple store

2021-01-18 05:54:03 Religion


After the tremendous success of their Daily Horoscope app in Google Play Store, - a flagship venture of Netway India, recently launched their coveted free Daily Horoscope - Astrology for Zodiac Signs app in Apple store. iOS users can now enjoy the horoscope readings which are given out by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi- one of India’s finest astrology portals.

The Daily Horoscope app on play store has managed to get an average rating of 4.4/5 from over 100 thousand satisfied users. The major reason for the success of this app is the fact that it is a free horoscope app and provides the most comprehensive readings to its users. Users can read their horoscope for the day, previous day and the next day which are just a few swipes away in the app. The daily horoscope readings are categorized into different sectors of life like overview, love, career, finance, and health so that readers can have an in-depth look at certain domains which they are concerned about. The relevance and authenticity of the content provided through this free horoscope app is also the reason for its popularity and success. The makers of the app very well realize that a reader will come back to the daily horoscope app on a regular basis only if the predictions are found to be true and relevant in their life.

There is a plethora of free horoscope apps available online now but what makes this daily horoscope app different is the user friendliness and the rich content. This free horoscope app also includes the lucky time and color for each of the 12 zodiac natives along with its elaborate daily horoscope reading. Apart from this the app also features additional features like zodiac compatibility, love sutra, and Chinese astrology. Zodiac compatibility allows users to match and find the love compatibility of two zodiac natives. Once the user chooses male and female zodiac signs, the app provides insights about how compatible these zodiac signs would be in a relationship. These readings are based upon a deep understanding of the characteristic traits of each zodiac sign and analysis from a relationship perspective. Love sutra basically shows the sexual compatibility of two zodiac natives and is one of the most used features in the app. Chinese astrology followers can also find their horoscope readings from the Chinese astrology section in the app. Here the readings are categorized into different Chinese zodiac signs which are: Dog, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Ox, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Roster, Sheep, Snake and tiger.

Free horoscope apps are favored by users because they don’t have to subscribe to irritating newsletters or scan through newspaper columns to find out what is in their luck. Such apps deliver daily horoscope readings to the users directly through their smartphones. Users can access the content while they are on the go or whenever they get time to look at it, it is readily available on their smart phone and hence is most convenient for ardent horoscope readers. Amongst these options, Netway India’s product is a sure shot winner because these predictions delivered through the app are coming from the most authentic and credible source. Netway India also owns one of India’s finest astrology portals- astroYogi which features more than 50,000 astrologers for online consultation. All of these astrologers go through a back ground and expertise verification to ensure the quality of online consulting. The accurate and precise horoscope readings of the free daily horoscope app have the brains of these expert astrologers working behind them. Though the horoscope readings won’t be as good as a personal consultation with these experts, it will surely reflect the divine expertise working behind these predictions.

Netway India Pvt Ltd driven by CEO Meena Kapoor, possess a strong technical team who has more than 16 years of experience with internet based technologies. The app is an amalgamation of the great expertise of the expert Vedic astrologers and the technical capabilities of the in house team. This app will surely take the company ahead in their quest to be a key player in the internet space.

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