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Atelier Hennin Announces the Launch of its new Collection of Liu Jo clothing

2019-07-17 05:43:13 Automotive


Atelier Hennin is an online store which specialises in the sale of Liu Jo clothing. Based in Italy it was started in 1995 by the brothers Vannis and Marco Marchi. As per reports, Atelier Hennin has more than 350 stores all over the world selling its brand of Liu Jo clothing. It also has over 5000 retailers and according to market analysis taken in 2013, the sale of Liu Jo Clothing at its stores crossed 281 million compared to about 155 million in 2006.

When contacted, a representative for Atelier Hennin says, “Our Company has been successful in doubling our employees’ intake thus helping the Italian economy. Through our collection of Liu Jo clothing, we strive to forge a new and empowered generation of strong women and to create a better understanding of the feminine aspect of women. Our Liu Jo clothing blends experience with method.” He further adds that the Liu Jo collection aims to incorporate women with a sense of ‘being woman’ and that they continuously aim to innovate and do further research.

Atelier Hennin has a wide collection of Liu Jo clothing available at its online store. Reports indicate that the Liu Jo line of jeans known as ‘Bottom-up’ which were created in 2008 proved to be immensely popular with women. It reportedly made huge waves and became attained a cult-like status due to its being comfortable and use of good fabric. The overall style of the Liu Jo clothing is said to incorporate attractive patterns, sinuous lines, slits, geometric and micro patterns, necklines and lace. The entire collection of the Liu Jo clothing is catalogued into various sections, such as footwear, bags, accessories, women’s clothing, and the new collection.

Shipments are made throughout the Italian territory including San Marino. Online orders are shipped within the next day upon receiving the orders. Payments are secure and can be made online through cards and also the option of cash on delivery is also available. The site also provides customer care services and assistance regarding the orders and other related queries. For more information visit

About atelierhennin
It is an online store specialising in Liu Jo clothing. atelierhennin is based in Italy and started in 1995 by Vannis and Marco Marchi. It has more than 350 stores all over the world selling its brand of Liu Jo clothing.

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