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i5 Digital Fitness Introduces New Tagline, Along with Four Trade Names and One Trademark

2019-08-10 10:06:42 Design


i5 Digital Fitness is pleased to announce the company is introducing its new tagline, “Building Your Digital Muscle.” Additionally, the full-service digital marketing company has four trade names and one trademark registered in Wisconsin. The company has also recently applied for a federal trade name for “Digital Fitness.”

The tagline of “Building Your Digital Muscle” encompasses everything the business strives to do for its client. i5 Digital Fitness is committed to coaching clients and helping them develop highly-effective strategies that are tailored for their specific needs.

With four registered trade names, the company better establishes its identity to clients and the business world, while differentiating itself from other digital marketing companies. The trade names also help provide consistency across the digital landscape.

The registered trademark protects i5 Digital Fitness’s brand name. It also protects its slogans, logos, symbols, taglines and more. The trademark is essential in defending the business and everything it stands for.

By applying for a federal trade name for “Digital Fitness,” the company is looking to safeguard its core mission and highlight all the services and benefits that customers can receive from the company. Some of these services include offering branding, building and broadcasting strategies.

For more information about the company and their products, visit the website at i5 Digital Fitness Fitness or call 1-608-977-1540.

About i5 Digital Fitness: i5 Digital Fitness Fitness is a Madison, Wisconsin-based full-service digital marketing company that is committed to challenging the status quo of current digital companies. The company has proven to be successful by offering customized solutions, which are tailored to meet the unique goals of each client. Services are designed to keep clients connected to their prospective customers to help them experience continuous growth. Regardless of which package a client chooses, they will receive effective coaching to guide them through the digital landscape.

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