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Blog On Conversion Rate Optimization Launched

2019-07-17 11:04:59 Design


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is known as the process of using analytical data to improve specific metrics on websites. It is found that every website generally targets obtaining new customers, form registrations and additional downloads. Conversion Rate Optimization supposedly help to obtain these targets by figuring out what visitors are hoping to find when they start browsing a website and giving it to them without much hassle.

According to experts, it is important to keep Conversion Rate Optimization at the forefront while creating content and designing a web page structure. Optimizing the conversion rate is reportedly essential to make the most out of the traffic one has managed to pull in. A study on the subject reveals that Call to Action (CTA), Split testing, Conversion Funnel, Multivariate Testing (MVT), Exit Rate, Average time on site, Average page views, Analytics and User testing are some of the terms that one has to know in regard to Conversion Rate Optimization. is an online blog which discusses SEO related topics. Started by Daniel Morales, his blog represents an open source of information for everyone and anyone who thinks they may have something interesting to share. According to him, it is important to be completely confident that one is analyzing and targeting the correct element when creating the Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. He further added that a suitable conversion plan can only be successful if one has the statistics and metrics to begin with as it won’t be possible to see if the optimization strategy has been successful unless one has the data to compare the results.

A blog on the website reveals that producing a list of priorities is a good way to design the tests. And that metric numbers should be checked and well recorded. It gives further instructions such as, “when designing the tests, start off by choosing something that isn’t too challenging to change and make sure to double check that the webpage analytical data is being tracked correctly before starting the test. Once enough data is collected, one can start comparing it against the original statistics. If the test was a success then one can focus on finely tuning and improving the optimization over time. Regardless of the outcome of the initial tests, one should constantly be thinking about optimization as a continuous process.” Tools such as CrazyEgg and Google Content Experiments are suggested by the site. For more information please visit

About : is an open source of information for everyone and anyone who thinks they may have something interesting to share regarding SEO related topics. Daniel Morales started the blog. He likes to push the rules and experiment with the latest blackhat techniques.

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