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Locksmith In San Diego Announces Free Services For Pets Locked In Vehicles.

2019-08-24 12:36:58 Automotive


San Diego, California; 13, June 2017: Starting Monday, Prestige Locksmith of San Diego has announced that they will be providing free emergency locksmith services when pets are locked inside a vehicle. These free emergency pet lockout services will be offered everyday for no cost to the person that accidentally locked their pet in the vehicle.

Shy Lavy, the companies owner had an inspiring statement stating that everyone calling for their emergency locksmith services when their pets are locked inside a car will have their utmost attention. “We will drop all other service calls and will arrive as fast as we can for the sake of the pet,” he proceeds to say that no matter the circumstance, the emergency pet lockout service rendered will be free.

“Most deaths are caused by prolonged exposure to the high temperatures in the car, especially during a hot day. The question many ask is how this happened. As hard as it is to believe, the pet owner simply forgets that the animal was inside the car. It is never intentional as no one wants to lose a pet like this”, Mr. Lavy continued.

Prestige Locksmith has a duty to pets in the San Diego area, “We figured that if we have the potential to save lives that we were going to do it even in the smallest of ways and for free of charge”, Mr. Lavy said. “The main aim here is to make people aware of how dangerous it is to lock your pets inside a car. That is why our pet safety campaign Save a pets life with a rubber band was started”. These rubber bands are to be used as a reminder that a pet is waiting Mr. Lavy said.

“By wearing a rubber band on the wrists pet owners will be reminded that their pets are in the vehicle and to check back in less than 5 minutes.” Says Mr. Lavy.

Prestige Locksmith has been providing emergency locksmith services in San Diego since 2004. They employ certified staff to deliver various automotive and vehicle locksmith services which are offered on a 24 hour basis throughout the year. They can be reached via their website by visiting

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