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The MarketPlace Master Dealership Series Inaugural Auto Dealership Expo

2019-07-18 01:31:01 Automotive

642 provides education to auto-dealers on industry theory, audience development and innovative technology that will boost their business to new levels of success. The upcoming [MarketPlace Master Dealership Series] is the inaugural conference and it promises to provide excellent, don't-miss information to auto dealership owners and management in all of the areas of interest to dealerships. The very best online marketing and social educators available have been gathered to provide the focused training that dealership management wants and needs. The information provided will empower them to make better choices the minute they get back to their dealership!

In order to move forward in the new online digital climate, the auto-industry has to change quickly and efficiently to keep up. This is the information age, and without timely information a dealership cannot compete. This unique convention focuses on strengthening direct client-relationships through innovation and education, primarily by developing a large, focused market audience and new marketing methodologies that are being adopted in this new millennium. Dealers need an educational compass and methods that are truly effective. The MarketPlace Master Dealership Series will spotlight the ideas that have been proven to be effective and there will be experts in the contemporary subjects that matter.

Auto dealership owners and managers will have a unique opportunity to talk with top leaders and vendors to learn what's going on under-the-hood of the auto industry. No auto-industry conference has ever been so focused on the needs of today's auto-dealers with such accuracy and total understanding. In the Early Adopter's Workshop, over 15 experts will conference with attendees one-on-one about their dealerships. Some [subjects covered in expert speeches]( will be: Staying Genuine in the New Market, Developing Pre-decision Relationships, SEO and Millennial Marketing, Selling Through Influence and Mastering the Local Marketplace. The Marketplace Master Auto Dealer Expo will have breakout sessions going during the full Conference Sessions with a full agenda of speakers, product presentations and workshops. There will be over 20 presenters on the second stage covering a variety of different subjects. With two stages of presentations and education, the choices will be varied and just what is needed to make a dealership stand out in the crowd.

The MarketPlace Master Dealership Series will be held in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency on 6th, 7th, 8th of September. Exciting and timely exclusive don't-miss information for independent, franchise, and Buy-Here, Pay-Here dealers...dealers who want to kick up their game.

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