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Unique Web Design Company Now Offering A 110% Money Back Guarantee

2019-08-10 09:09:23 Design


The emergence and exponential growth of the internet has turned the business world upside down. For hundreds of years brick and mortar companies relied on word-of-mouth, and later, print, radio, and television advertising to attract customers. Now, with nearly half of the global population going online, businesses are turning to that platform to capture the attention of consumers. This is where a well-designed, reliable website comes into play, and web design company GentleCat is answering that call with an unheard of 110 percent guarantee.

"99 percent of small businesses are paying for expensive and excessively complex websites that are being sold to them," says GentleCat founder & project manager, Will Hansen. "These big, fancy websites are usually not a good fit for the business and they certainly aren't practical. We offer an option designed to not only save businesses money, but also to provide them with a website that they can actually use. We're so certain that our clients will love what we design for them that we started offering our 110% money back guarantee."

It is this attention to the customer, where the customer is truly put first, that places GentleCat head and shoulders above other web design companies. Whether it's web design, graphic design, e-commerce, or custom programming, the GentleCat team works hard to give their clients what they want as well as what they need, all while keeping costs as low as possible. The guarantee is part of their commitment to providing their clients with the best service possible.

"Some web design companies offer money back guarantees," says Hansen. "But nobody is offering what we are; 100% of what the customer paid plus an additional 10% on top of that. There are no tricks, no fine print, just a 110% money back guarantee. It's just one of the things that sets us apart from other web design companies."

The GentleCat team is comprised of four talented, creative gentlemen, each one bringing highly specialized skillsets to the table: Will Hansen is the project manager, Ivan Valenti is the web designer, Brendan Ryan is the developer and web designer, and Mark Vencel is the graphic designer. While they come from different creative backgrounds, they are all likeminded in their commitment to their customers.

Web designs by the GentleCat team are created to be easy to use, easy to update, and 100 percent compatible with all mobile and tablet devices. The focus is on helping business owners save money on their web design, not sell them sites and features that they don't need. With the 110 percent money back guarantee it's easy to see that when it comes to smart choices for web design, GentleCat is at the top of the list.

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