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Laser etching, CNC carving and 3D printing gets quality boost with high micron resolution.

2019-07-17 07:01:42 Design


BoXZY, the country’s leading craft and print vision company has become the most popular creative partner for leading engineers and educators. With the latest launches set to hit the market in the coming weeks, the company will now ensure overnight transformation of prototype to full production.
Currently, the BoXZY is serving clients with its all in one 3D printer. With the speed the machine is set to operate, clients are able to switch their tool heads for any kind of purpose, whether it be 3D printing, Laser Etching or CNC Carving. One of the major attractions to the machine has been the all purpose functionality. Individuals do not need to buy three machines. All they need is to invest in one single machine that will serve them the purpose. Space consumption is also noticeably less, considering the fact that one single machine is installed in place of three separate ones. Another feature that has been widely lauded by customers is the speed with which it can quickly switch its toll heads from CNC Carving to 3D printing to laser etching. The carve base model has been considered as the perfect choice for many individuals who only need a single desktop CNC mill for the purpose of professional fabrication. With the sturdy and expandable built of the body, it has been able to tackle hard woods, metals and more with complete ease. The company has recently announced its preorder sale which will last only for a limited period of time. The heavy volume orders from customers have made the company to switch to pre-order mode, offering a $900 discount on every single item that is ordered in advance. For high quality outcome, the machine’s body is controlled by ball screws which move in precise, powerful strokes. The micron resolution is up to a 0.00015%. For more information please visit
About BoXZY

The BoXZY is a leading company that is dedicated to offering craft and print vision. It is a one stop shop for engineers, educators and makers. The company focuses on easy to use CNC machines for ease of use and quality results.

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