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The Waterproof Bucas Freedom Winter Horse Blanket Hits Canadian Tack Stores

2019-06-06 10:00:32 Miscellaneous


Customers looking for an exceptional [Winter Horse Turnout Blanket]are now able to purchase Bucas "Freedom" Winter Turnout Blanket at [Picovs Horseman Centre]. Picovs has just released more in depth details of this Bucas Blanket's features and benefits.

Bucas "Freedom" Winter Turnout Blanket is designed to appeal specifically to Equestrian horse owners who keep their horses in the harsh climate of Canada. The Bucas winter turnout includes:

A Rip-stop outer shell “ The rip-stop fabric massively extends the durability of this fall and winter horse blanket. Customers who buy Bucas "Freedom" Winter Horse Turnout Blanket should enjoy this particular feature because having their winter blanket last longer is cost effective in the long run.

Waterproof and breathable €“ Bucas made sure to make this part of the Winter Horse Turnout Blanket's development as protecting the horse from wind and rain whilst maintaining a comfortable body temperature is paramount in keeping the horse or pony in good health in the winter..

Bucas On sale in Ontario, Canada €“ Avoid customs fees, exchange rates, and high shipping prices by buying Canadian. This is great news for the consumer who wants to keep costs down in their horse maintenance budget..

Picovs, when asked about [Bucas "Freedom" Winter Turnout Blanket]( said: "The Freedom Turnout will keep your horse comfortable and your mind free of worries!"

Picovs Horseman Centre's Tack Shop carries hundreds of quality horse blankets, and products, including brands such as Rambo & Rhino by Horseware Ireland, Goliath, Amigo, Baker, and of course the Bucas Turnout blankets. Picovs Horseman Centre is particularly excited about this product because It really is an economical yet quality horse blanket which should last years and keep horses comfortable..

Those interested in learning more about the online tack store can do so on the business website at

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: [](


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