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Maher Alshikh Is P Maher Alshikh Is Proud To Present His All-New Music Video "Drop the Bass"

2023-10-03 06:23:37 Business


November 10, 2016: Maher Alshikh has truly tested the joy of great success in recent times with his latest 4 Whispers music video. A man who has surprised his fans many times before continues with the trend with his unique sense of creativity that has earned him multiple global awards from various countries like USA (Hollywood), Moscow and Romania. Now Maher is all set to prepare for his next music video entitled Drop the Bass. In an interview, Maher spoke about the preparations that he has been making about his latest project and said that working on Drop the Bass has been particularly tiring for him since it is the first time that he is working as the music producer and director of the video. He also strongly acknowledges the contribution of his team members, all of whom have played their part in making it a success. On the personal front, he fought the war in Syria and it taught him the lesson of how to be stronger and face the adversities of life with a smile. He soon found rhythm in life through art and music proved to be the art medium of expressing his thoughts and living life the way he wants!

Having a nice idea, to begin with, the latest video took arduous work from the team members to complete and is sure to be a repeat success just like the 4 Whispers video.  The first video achieved great success on the online video platform Vevo. This makes Maher the first Syrian-Arabian artist to share the same platform of success as other Hollywood artists. Even though Vevo is known for its rigid terms and conditions regarding all posted content, the hard work of Maher together with the quality of the video convinced Vevo authorities to approve the video for their online video platform. It shows that hard work makes it possible for people to achieve anything that they want. Maher not only achieved success in his own country but also did great for himself even in international territories. His performance in the Arabs Got Talents show made it possible for people in the Arab world to know him and his work more closely.  

On leaving his country, he strived hard to achieve his dreams and this has brought him the success that he truly deserves. He joined the University of Arts in Minsk, Belarus to study TV and Cinema production. During his tenure as a student there, Maher choreographed and directed many performances. His work in The Glove earned him numerous awards. Maher has also recently joined efforts with Dyaa Alshikh, his director brother for directing a joint Syrian, Belarusian and German show known as “Burnt In Memory”. Maher also has numerous short films to his credit as well, the latest one of which is called “Looks Like Me”.

About Maher Alshikh
With his earnest efforts, Maher has proven to all that hard work can help anyone to achieve their desired aims and goals. Learning music and various facets of media production was necessary for him as he always wanted to live a life that celebrated the joy of art.  

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