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Techjockey - The startup which is helping small businesses adapt to technology

2019-07-16 11:07:56 Technology


Even as the world is moving fast towards cloud technology, even today we need a licensed CD or flash memory to install a software. It is this gap that two serial entrepreneurs Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal set out to fill in their entrepreneurial journey.

They realized the demand for an online marketplace of softwares where installation and licensing could be done almost instantly, and even a technologically challenged person could install software without a sign of hesitation. This gave birth to Gurgaon-based Techjockey, a portal that provides online business software solutions. It made buying softwares as easy as ordering groceries through mobile apps.

With the kind of offerings Techjockey provides, it eventually came handy for the users who were starting their businesses.

If you plan to use the portal. it will allow you to compare the prices of software and choose the best bet. Currently, there are more than 200 software vendors listings across 18 industry verticals on Techjockey.

In an exclusive chat with Business Insider, Akash Nangia, Founder of Techjockey said, “We cater to a variety of industry - retail, manufacturing, education, ecommerce, hospitality, automobiles and warehousing, among others. Our aim is to create 1,000-plus small software solutions companies by end-2016-17, including those operating in remote areas of India. The basic idea is to let the small businesses and SMEs avail end-to-end software requirement.”

Nangia was the Vice-President, Sales at Zomato before he got on his own journey with his collegemate. The duo has experience of selling softwares to government organizations, and it didn’t take them long to notice the nascent stage at which market of software reselling in India was lingering.

On being asked about the investments, Akash’s co-founder Arjun Mittal said, “We started our venture with Rs 25 lakh which came from our own pockets. In just a year, we have seen a revenue growth of over Rs 1 crore.”

“The margins on software sale and the marketing revenue from Tier 1 and Tier 2 software companies are major revenue booster for Techjockey,” he further said.

The co-founders now believe small towns of India have the potential to drive the change. In most cases, the tech savvy merchants of small town use pirated versions. It is for this reason Techjockey is penetrating into the markets of Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities to make more businesses subscribe to technology.

Basic understanding of computer and subscribing to Techjockey have infact worked wonders for the cloth merchants of Ludhiana already, who were earlier relying on log books. Techjockey convinced a few traders to adapt to their platform and now they are using the software which have made their job much easier.
So, irrespective of the business you have, Techjockey might be an answer to all your IT queries and challenges.

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