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Answers to difference between hemp-based CBD oil and cannabis derived CBD oil unveiled at HelloMD

2019-07-19 10:48:50 Design


In response to one of the questions at HelloMD regarding the difference between CBD oil that is hemp-based and derived from cannabis, suitable explanations have recently been published on the website. According to the information available at HelloMD a video featuring Perry Solomon along with answers from a couple of experts in the cannabis industry has been posted.

According to the site’s spokesperson, “We at HelloMD are always trying to find the right answers to the questions being asked by our members. Our contributors are professionals in what they do and their replies can be assured of their authenticity. In spite of this, come of the products recommended by them may or may not work the way as desired. There may be some potential reasons for this and a proper consultation with one of our doctors through video telecast can be obtained.”

He also added, “The medical cannabis industry is a fairly new industry with more and more companies looking to bring their products to the market. In such a developing juncture it is very important for consumers to remain aware of all the possible knowledge regarding cannabis products.”

It may be pointed out that the CBD or Cannabidiol oil has been revolutionizing the medical cannabis industry for the past few years. In spite of this, the product is quite costly and there have been contradictory regarding its legal status in state and federal laws. Also, researches have found the product’s dosing to be arbitrary while there are no industry regulations for its production.

On a brighter note, most people agree with CBD oil being safe to use. There have been real life stories that support the product as a premium cure for illnesses such as chronic pain, seizure abatement, cancer, etc. Debates concerning CBD oil’s extraction and ingredients continue to attract a lot of attention. For more details go to

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It is an online digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry. It specializes in connecting the members to the doctors and offers a chance to get a medical cannabis recommendation over live video. Members of the site can also gain access to thousands of cannabis products, news, reviews, dispensaries, advices and medical recommendations.

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