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Liztek announces 60% offer on Bluetooth receiver

2023-09-24 12:54:33 Technology


Liztek is the manufacturer of all types of electronics device. Now Liztek Company has announced 60% offer on his Bluetooth receiver which is an ultimate offer for everyone. The offer which you are having on a product is Liztek Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver. This is product which brings Bluetooth music streaming to any of our stereo equipment with the 3.5mm audio port.
Ultimate device for every user
Liztek Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver is just an ultimate device for every user. This is the device which turns our normal headphones and speaker into wireless Bluetooth devices. By this device we can walk freely only with the receiver as our Smartphone’s, ipad, tablet, computer and a laptop in any other room of the distance of 33 feet away from you. This product has so many features in it.
Features of Liztek Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver
1. It has a very superior wireless performance.
2. It has a plug receiver into any other A/V receiver, stereo system or speaker through the standard female jack of 3.5 mm and it also have male jack connector for home and car stereos of 3.5mm.
3. You can play music wirelessly through Bluetooth capable smart phone, iPod touch, ipad and android phones.
4. It has some buttons like power and paring button and it also have LED indicators lights of blue and red color.
5. It has in built rechargeable battery connector via USB cable for your universal docking.
6. It is very solid and convenient. It is very small in size of 2.4 * 1.0 * 0.36 inches and it is also very light weighted of 13 grams.

It is very awesome and very handy product. We can carry this product with us anywhere. Liztek is the company which gives full satisfaction to his customer regarding his product. It is very affordable and wonderful product for our youth. Everybody can use this product. this device is very easy to use. Liztek Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver has become the best product these days.

Company :-Gurin Products, LLC

User :- Liztek Products


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Mobile:- +1-8886661557

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