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EBN, Raising Global Millionaires and Billionaires

2019-06-11 07:55:58 Computer


Electronic Business Network International (EBN) is an internet and online network marketing company. This company started in the year 2012 in HongKong , it operates in 120 countries of the world. Everyone can access the company’s website The objectives of EBN is to raise global millionaires and billionaires through their two plat forms:
1. Internet
2. Online network marking
1. Internet plat form: EBN is a software producing Industry, having realized that the internet ranks first in wealth creation, that internet generates wealth more than oil and gas sector. It develops software that will help everyone have access to these wealth embedded in the internet irrespective of your background. These softwares (EBN products) are:
1. Computer fundamentals.
2. Internet fundamentals.
3. Make money online tutorials
4. Easy website builder.
5. E-commerce platform
6. Digital products.
7. Cheaper communication (free texting and chatting, web conferencing, Live broadcast, etc).
For more details about these products visit
2. Online network marketing; Online, because it can be done in any part of the world provided there is an internet connection. It can also be done offline. EBN packaged these products into three different packs: 1. Newbie pack. 2. Advance pack. 3. Pro pack, and came out with the easiest, fastest and the best commission plan to sell the products. In this compensation plan, one can earn between $200 and $1000 daily depending on the one’s effort and the commissions are paid daily.

EBN has five different ways of paying its members:
1. Three (3) level deep fast start bonus.
2. Binary pair bonus.
3. Super sponsoring bonus.
4. Awards and rewards.
5. Royal lifetime benefit club.
The details of these are available at
This is a great opportunity from a great and reliable industry, make a good decision today, take a good step and change your life financially and that of those around you.

Phone; +2348038967874

Company :-Electronic Business Network (EBN)

User :- patrick Nwibo


Phone :-+2348-03896-7874

Mobile:- +2348-038967874

Url :-


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