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Chinese shoppers Migrate their Online Purchases from Generic Goods to Flip Flop Brands

2021-06-17 07:21:43 Business


Despite the decelerating growth performance of China’s economy, it continues to witness the explosive growth in E-commerce sector. Consumer base of the country has whole heartedly accepted E-commerce as the most effective platform for their purchases. Wide price difference, better deals, better range and varieties offered by online counterparts in contrast to brick and mortar stores have majorly driven the online market of China. Moreover, rapid up- take in the usage of smartphone and other technology devices has further fueled the E-Commerce sector of China.

According to our report, “China Flip-Flop Industry Outlook 2020”, with rising product portfolio offered by online portals, fashionable flip- flops have also been successful in capturing the interest of online shoppers of the country. Urban young generation occupies major share among the overall online shoppers in China. Flip- Flops have become a high profile footwear product among growing middle income and high income groups of the country.

Some flip- flop manufacturers have also established online strategies without infrastructural investments to enhance their product outreach. Chinese flip- flop manufacturers are entering the online arena and propelling huge growth in the flip- flop industry. Additionally, China’s largest online retailer, Alibaba advertises more than 20,000 flip- flop brands on its website. The flip- flops in China have shifted towards trendier and fashionable sandals and have become popular through e- marketing techniques by online retailers to boost sales through online shopping.

Furthermore, flexible payment options and easy replacement policy offered by online portals have led to enormous expansion of online shopping of flip- flops. Rising urbanization in the country, rising wealthy households, increased brand awareness among the consumer and diversification of retail sales channels have been the key catalysts for driving the flip- flop sales through online retailers. Affordable and innovatively designed flip flops by online retailers have further contributed to the sustained growth of flip- flop footwear in China.

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