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A First Generation Millennial Who Took The Leap of Faith To Leave A Legacy

2019-06-14 11:23:35 Art & Entertainment


Sales and Marketing expert Reynaldo Santana conquered his fear of failure and took a leap of faith to write his ground-breaking book ‘Tradition Meets Innovation: Catching up to Millennials’.

Boston, MA, July 25, 2016 -- Due for release on August 8th, Reynaldo’s debut book is designed to help businesses maximize their potential and online presence, through excellent strategic planning and development, in an ever changing world. “As sales people, we went from knocking on doors and product demonstrations to selling via the internet with no human interaction, almost overnight,” said Reynaldo, Managing Partner in iMentor Services Inc.

With technology progressing at break-neck speed, some of the older generation were left standing, and the ‘Millennials’ picked up the new ways and charged ahead. Reynaldo watched these changes happen, “One day, we were all on America Online messenger, and the next day Steve Jobs changed the way we used technology and how we communicated,” said Reynaldo, and he watched as colleagues struggled with the changes, confused at what the internet boom was, how it had happened so quickly and were not willing to adapt.

Being passionate about mentoring and learning, Reynaldo pursued a lifelong ambition to become an author and share knowledge gained from his own experiences with an unlimited number of people in business, and encourage them to embrace change as a route to prosperity. “The technological change came so quickly, juggling all the new gadgets, understanding the social media buzz, and smartphones, was overwhelming for many,” observed Reynaldo, adding “On the other side, Millennials were coming in to this new world at a fast pace learning and advancing themselves quickly, and sometimes previous generations wanted a chance to catch up and understand everything at a glance.”

Success hasn’t been without its challenges for Reynaldo, but he acknowledges his biggest hurdle is himself. “I am super-critical, and many times I have doubted myself and wanted to give up, but I have learned no matter what the circumstances, we each have the power to stand up and do something about our lives. I choose to live, and leave an imprint on this world.” As someone who wasn’t a straight A student, friends were shocked when he announced his plans to become an author, but from leaving school, Reynaldo knew he was destined to achieve great things, and started with Masters’ in Leadership Studies, Business Management and IT, and International Business, before starting his own company with business partner George Barbas.

After ticking off another goal with the publication of ‘Tradition Meets Innovation: Catching up to Millennials’, as well as working on his second book, Reynaldo is focusing on his bigger plans. “I hope to be in a position to duplicate my success among other individuals and businesses worldwide, which would enable me to focus on philanthropy and integrating S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) in communities in need, both nationally and internationally.

While heavily immersed in the business world, another passion is music, performing at M.I.T and Boston College. In true Reynaldo style, he is working on building a foundation which provides musical instruments and mentoring to those who need them, across America. While his performances may be mainly classical, he loves a beatbox battle, or a good night at Karaoke!

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