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A great innovation has come in mushroom cultivation for Punjab after the announcement of chief minister.

2019-08-24 10:39:29 Industry


MAHE BIOTECHNOLOGY on July 02, 2016: A couple of years ago, Indian farmers were not conscious of the mushroom cultivation due to the less knowledge or lack of support by the government. But now the government of India is providing economic support along with consultancy for grabbing the facts of mushroom’s farming. The Government of India provides the appropriate loan for taking a step in farming which helps to a farmer for good revenue.
Recently an impressive innovation announcement was made by the Punjab government to state’s farmers. Mr. Parkash Badal, a chief minister of Punjab asked to the department to map the imposing scheme to growth in mushroom cultivation. The government has also started the numerous campaigns to bring the awareness in the farmer.

The government has organized a team who would consult to the farmer about the plantation. They would address the procedure of agricultural from starting to end.

What the consultant team would help to farmers;

1. Requirement of space:

The consultant team will visit on the support to ensure the space and would propose the required space for getting the good proceeds. If someone is planning for cultivation then assemble the space, as much as space could be possible. As much space is large, the quantity of the mushroom will earn accordingly.

2. Address the equipment:

The mushroom needs the coolest environment to get superior intensification. So consultant team which is organized by the government would tell about all equipment that are used in the cultivation. The mushroom air handling unit, straw pasteurization, compost tuner and some more instruments are used for mushroom farming. Therefore, the team suggests the role of equipment in the farming because farmer must know about such equipment which would be obliging during the farming.

3. Set up the area:

The mushroom cultivation needs a suitable setup which could be covered by grass or special paper to maintain the temperature for getting the good growth in farming.

4. Follow up timely:

This teamwork is not finished after setting up the structure of plantation. Even they would be staying in touch with you timely for taking the follow-up. If you face any problem during the farming then you can tell them and they would help to solve the issues.

The government of Punjab has decided to give 40% of subsidy with the limit of minimum 200 bags and maximum 1200 bag. The size of the bag would be 10 kg. It is an estimated that expenditure might reach 4 cores as per the scheme of RKVY, Mandi board.

It is true that great changes will approach by this government’s step. It is also the big chance of youth that has been away from farming profession due to less profit as compared to other work. But by using the advantages of subsidy and support of consultants provided by government can present the better success in the farming area.
The government has also planned for the subsidy in the cultivation of another crop. The government can offer more than 40% to 60% economic support. Thus, this is great modernism in youth to get entered in the farming field.

This press release contains the announcement of Punjab government to approach the mushroom cultivation. This announcement gives the confidence in farmer to work for mushroom to get the good revenue.




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