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“Responsive web design is the way to go”, says one of the top web development companies in Dubai

2019-08-17 10:42:45 Design


In the last couple of years, the web of technology that we live in has become denser. There are many more forms of tech today than ever before and all of these are getting interconnected at a much faster pace. To make sure our web sites follow up, responsive deign is hitting the rounds.

Responsive design is the answer to a major problem that is faced by developers all around the world today i.e. to maintain a coherent presence across different platforms that include mobiles, tablets, PCs, LFDs and many more.

On further discussion on responsive design, official spokesperson for iBaroody, one of the international leaders of web design basedin Dubai said, “Responsive design is based on the architectural foundation of fluid grids. What they do is provide fluidity to the traditional fixed grid set up. No longer are websites held together by strict lines and ratios, Fluid grids are based on maintaining proportions so when a web page is opened on a range of different resolutions, it automatically transmogrifies itself by resizing its elements accordingly.”

To calculate the proportions of your page elements, you need to divide the target element by its context. To do this, create a high fidelity mockup in pixel based editor like Photoshop. Measure page elements and divide these by the full width of the page.

Fluid grids have limitations as well. When the width of the browser becomes increasingly narrow, designed backed entirely on fluid grids will start to crumble. This is taken care of by using Media Queries.

Further on discussion on media queries and their importance in preserving the structural integrity of responsive web design, official spokesperson for ibaroody said, “CS3 media queries allow you to gather data about the site visitor and use it accordingly to apply CSS styles. Responsive design relies on min-width media feature that allows developers to apply specific CSS styles in event of browser window dropping below a particular width.”

In ideal circumstances, a developer would choose to adjust his/her layout to perfectly match with each and every device but this is not practical. In real life situations, a developer is also faced with the question of picking and choosing formats to spend his/her energies upon.

In summary, to stay relevant in future, it’s become essential that you are present on the devices of the future. You may choose to ignore design entirely in order to spend your budget on some other things but be warned, you’d be playing with the risk of becoming obsolete. If you have not shifted to responsive design yet, it’s high time you do it. Not only that, you also need to select the platform you want to focus on in future. There are so many tools, mediums and platforms for engagement now. Handling them all isn’t quite feasible for smaller establishments and this demands that you take a step back and think before taking a leap into future.

About iBaroody

iBaroody a 40+ full time employees Company, originally started in the USA with an American business background, and incorporated history, serving just over 1300 different clients since 2002.

In 2010 iBaroody LLC was created as a Lebanese Company entering the Middle Eastern market with our office in Beirut, Lebanon. Due to iBaroody’s very highly experienced staff, services, and outstanding customer care iBaroody became a new sensation in Lebanon and the region. In a very short period of time, iBaroody was able to over come other competitors in our numbers of new clients, projects, and modern beautiful Portfolio. Our growth is still spreading in the Middle East. With each day passing and with each client served, iBaroody is proving that when it comes to looking for a reliable, honest, very professional, highly experienced Web Solutions Companies, iBaroody is one of the Top of the Top companies with one of the best records of achievement there is in clients satisfaction, portfolio, and offering 17 different services Web Design and Development is just one of them!

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