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Sun Laboratories Offers Huge Discounts On Their Sun Tan Spray

2019-06-23 11:39:53 Business


Chatsworth, USA : Sun Laboratories of California has just announced an incredible 38 percent discount on their sun tan spray. This is certainly excellent news for everybody who wants to use a tanning sprayer at home. The original price of this product is 200 dollars. Sun Labs is offering this at just 125 dollars. This means, you can now save as much as 75 dollars, or 38 percent, on the original price.

It can get even better than this. For instance, the handy airbrush tanning system kit is currently being offered at just 59 dollars and 95 cents. Its original price is 135 dollars. This means you will be able to save 75 dollars, or a staggering 56 percent. If you have always wanted to use a home sprayer and save money, here is your opportunity to do so.

This sun tan spray you will get from Sun Labs is the best product that is available today. It can even be used in mystic tanning systems. In fact, this tanner has revolutionized the airbrush-tanning business. There was a time when sprays were used only in salons and spas. Now, with the low price, and the discount on top of it, these sprays are being used by individuals in their homes too. As a result, companies are selling many more units now. Businesses are having to market not just to the salon owners, but to individuals as well.

The airbrush tanning system kit on the other hand comes with many products. It includes the airbrush tanning sprayer, the Ultra Dark sunless tanning solution, exfoliate body gel, and the tan maintenance lotion. This is what you need to keep your skin golden-brown all year round. The Ultra Dark sunless tanning solution is the best product from Sun Labs. Hundreds of people from all across the US have tried it. The reviews have been extremely positive.

This is indeed the easiest way to get that beautiful sun-kissed tan. You will not have to visit a beach to get a tan. There is no risk for you because you don’t have to expose your skin to the Sun’s harmful UV rays. These sun tan spray products of Sun Laboratories have been clinically proved to be completely safe. You can apply this on your own, sitting at home. As these are spray products, you can avoid the hassles of applying a cream or lotion as well. Besides, it takes less time to apply a spray tan as compared to a cream or lotion.

The tan you get by using a sun tan spray looks completely natural. Nobody can make out the difference. The tan solution will stay for five to seven days. You must apply this again after this.

About Sun Laboratories: Sun Laboratories is the first professional self-tanning product manufacturer and distributor. This company is based out of Chatsworth in California. Established by Gisela Hunter, Sun Labs has been making some the finest self-tanners available since 1983. Please visit for more information about the sun tan spray and other products as well.

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