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Experts Reveal Why Diabetics Should Understand The Dangers of Calluses

2019-07-31 02:50:03 Health and Fitness


Orlando, FL – April 14, 2016 - While calluses are generally not considered harmful, there are certain groups of people who should avoid having them. This is especially true for individuals who are suffering from conditions such as diabetes.

Experts reveal why diabetics should understand the dangers of calluses. If calluses are not properly addressed, they could lead to swelling, pain, splitting of the skin, fever, discoloration, tenderness, and pus or fluid.

There are ways to prevent calluses such as wearing properly fitting socks and shoes. There are also arch supports that make wearing shoes more comfortable. These arch supports are also helpful in alleviating pain and keeping the foot structure healthy.

Individuals with foot deformity should also see their podiatrist. Most of all, they should keep their feet clean by practicing good hygiene.

Once calluses get too dry and thick, it triggers them to split open and bleed. For individuals with good health, it could be a problem. Individuals with diabetes who suffer from this undesirable consequence may eventually be required to have an amputation.

Calluses that get too thick, split open, get infected, or turn into an ulcer can be a disaster for individuals with diabetes. Infection can spread to the blood or bone and infect the blood. This can lead to blood poisoning or sepsis, and if not treated, could be fatal.

Experts recommend that diabetes sufferers should see a foot specialist. Specialists do not only identify and diagnose the problem but can also offer treatment solutions that can satisfy the unique condition, needs, and life situation of a sufferer.

Diabetics should avoid having wounds to save themselves from future complications. Calluses may at first form without posing a threat to diabetics. However, when they start to thicken and crack, it could be a beginning of a disaster.

Prevention is better than cure, and this is something that diabetics should always remember. There are those who go to salons to have their calluses removed. Those who take the salon option should see to it that the establishment uses tools that are sanitized.

There are also individuals who choose to have a foot pampering experience right at their very own home. They take care of their feet and remove their calluses through the use of tools such as electric callus removers.

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