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2019-06-20 12:26:48 Business


China - is a Chinese PCB manufacturer that has recently launched a new range of products to address varied PCB needs in different industries. The company has largely laid focus on the Flexible and Rigid PCBs in the new range of products. The MPCB or Multilayer PCB has been in high demand and the recent range of PCB Sino looks into that category as well. “The dynamics of various industries are changing and most individuals and entities are now opting for a more secure range of Flexible/MCPCB/Multilayer PCB Manufacturing . This has been the chief reason for introducing the new range of products,” commented an engineer from PCB Sino.

The company has reinstated their commitment to manufacturing PCB fabrication Shenzhen China and has also promised to launch a new range of PCBs that will focus exclusively on MPCB. In the current line of products, the company has said that the high density of the PCBs along with their impedance control will allow them great grip on the market. They have also said that the PCBs have performed supremely in the tests. Some models also purportedly have golf or silver on the surface.

Apart from the new range of PCBs, the company has also restated their promise to customers and confirmed better and quicker customer service in the future. PCB Manufacturers have said that their services are quickly accessible, respond well and always strive for the best. These may apply to the PCB prototype samples launched by the company as well. PCB Sino has so far served other industries Canada, USA, France, England, Netherlands, Austria, India and Spain among other countries.

The CEO of PCB Sino recently addressed the press in a hardware trade show. He said: “The new products and prototypes have been designed with the highest industry standards and keeping the needs of the hour in mind. There are several people more PCB launches that are pending and we will soon launch those products as well. The reception we have received so far has been very warm.”

About the Company

PCB Sino is a Shenzhen China based manufacturer of PCBs with interests in in PCB contract manufacturing and PCB prototypes.

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