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PaperDino Helps Australian Entrepreneurs Expand Their Market in China with Translated Websites

2019-08-17 08:07:39 Design


Victoria, AU – PaperDino, a web design Melbourne agency, is helping business owners reach more customers in Asia with beautifully created websites. Designed by PaperDino’s expert team of web and graphic designers, the websites are specifically targeted to the Chinese market and are translated in the local language to capture the market’s shopping-savvy demographics. Translation is provided by PaperDino’s Chinese copywriting team in Melbourne.

With China’s Internet users’ population reaching 650 million, PaperDino’s move toward website translation proves to be a judicious one. Of the company’s recent move, PaperDino’s Co-Founder and Designer Risa Liu said that the decision to venture into website translation is something that the company has been planning to do for the longest time. A lot of Australian businesses have reached out to PaperDino to create an international version of their e-commerce websites.

“We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about website translation, so we decided to move toward that direction. China is a big market right now for Australian businesses. Products like healthy food, natural skin care products and baby foods are getting extremely popular. Our clients want to bring these products to China by setting up eCommerce websites that are translated to Chinese. This bridges the gap between countries, making both sides happy,” commented Liu.

In the health and nutrition field, people are focusing on big brands like Swiss and Blackmores. These Australian companies are quickly making their names in the international market, but PaperDino believes that there will always be a spot for smaller niche businesses.

According to Liu, China is an enormous country and there is still a huge market left for other brands. This means that Australian companies can get a slice of China’s shopping population, but they need to start early. “A lot of businesses will catch on to this marketing strategy, and it won’t be long before everyone’s on the bandwagon. In Melbourne, PaperDino is just one of the few web Web design Melbourne agencies that offer this service.”

With the number of clients increasing this 2016, PaperDino needs to expand its operations to accommodate Australian companies who want to market their businesses to China. PaperDino currently has 7 people in its team. The company is looking to expand its operations by adding more people to the team. “We plan to hire more marketing experts – from branding and website design to online marketing. We want to take care of our clients’ needs from beginning to end, and expanding our team is one way to do that,” added Liu.

To date, PaperDino has created more than 150 websites for Australian businesses. With the uptrend in online businesses requiring translation, PaperDino will surely be busy for the next couple of years but will always be open to new clients who need help in their businesses.

About is a branding and website design agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2013, PaperDino has created websites for various industries from food and lifestyle to education and real estate.

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