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KshemTech Media Announced Successful Participation in Joomla World Conference 2015

2022-11-30 02:42:00 Events / Trade Shows


KshemTech Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Indian IT company. The company is well-known for its client centric services such as dynamic and responsive web development, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing and more. The representatives of the company have recently participated in a community event and have announced the very successful participation and good experience over there.

The event was conducted by the Joomla community in honor of completing the 10 years successfully by the Joomla. This was the fourth time the world Joomla community came together on a single platform and exchanged the knowledge and experience. The event was known as “Joomla World Conference 2015” aka JWC 2015. The event was held at the Bangalore, India for 3 days, 6th to 8th Nov, 2015. The event was organized in a way that the participants can take the full advantage of the experience of the other community members. The keynote speakers were from the Joomla community itself. There were different workshops and interesting activities, which not only made the event engaging, but also passed the learning lessons in a fun way.

Bhargav Dave, Director and CEO of KshemTech Media and Darshan Thakkar, Marketing Head of the company represented the company at the event. They have announced that the event was one of the best of its class. They had met different Joomla developers, CEOs of IT companies, Joomla learners and many other people. In fact, the event gave them the platform to meet the founder of the Joomla technology and many other key people. “All the community members were really humble and generous. We were participating for the first time, but we were really comfortable with all of them, In fact, we personally interacted with the Joomla founder and exchanged some thoughts. It was really a good experience. We had attended the all the workshops over there, which were really interactive. We got a chance to work with other Joomla developers and to see their creativity and ideas. We had exchanged our ideas and future plans with them. The community people were really down to earth and warm receptive”, said the representatives of the company.

The representatives of the company have also revealed that they met a few entrepreneurs and discussed possible business opportunities with them. “The platform itself was provided to exchange knowledge and business. We did what we were supposed to. We shared a few business ideas with the Joomla community members. A few ideas clicked really well. A few entrepreneurs had shown keen interest in the business partnership and to work on some other projects. We had initial discussion and now once we are back to work, we will surely take forward this discussion to the next level.” said the representatives of the company.

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