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REA 9 upgrade released.

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Date: April 19, 2011

REA Inc. announced today that REA 9, the market leader in contact management software for commercial brokerage, has been upgraded. The new version is designated as 9.18 and current users can download it starting immediately. From the REA 9 program click the Help Menu and click Check for Updates to download the new version.

Matthew Smith, Director of Sales said, "Our goal is to make REA 9 the most important software tool a broker owns." Now, with the release of 9.18, you can worker smarter, not harder, to earn the commissions you deserve.

REA 9 Cloud Connection to Clients
With REA 9.18 comes the ability to keep your clients informed on your listing progress. The new product REAConnect, let's your clients login via the cloud and see information you have posted about your listings. Basically this puts your marketing reports online so your clients can see in real time what milestones have been achieved. There is a one time $99.00 activation / setup fee for this server but the monthly charge is being waved for all current REA 9 users. For more information please click this link. REAConnect.

REA Auto Sync to Outlook
REA 9.18 includes the ability to auto sync your contacts and calendar with Outlook. Using the new Instant REA program you can set up your sync to occur at any interval you like from every hour to every minute. Using this new feature means anything that you add to your phone, outlook and REA will automatically be synched between the 3 programs.

Instant REA
This new product is included with your REA 9 subscription. It resides in your windows system tray and regardless of wether REA is running or not it will display any reminders you have, give you instant access to your calendar and Time Management screen. Let you schedule appointments and all of those will auto sync with REA, Outlook and your phone.

REA Inc, is based in San Diego, CA and has been focused on providing software for commercial brokers for 30 years.

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