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Revolutionary New Protein Shake Created by South Florida Weight Loss Doctors

2019-07-09 04:37:00 Health and Fitness


The bariatric physicians at Boca Health have created the Boca Health Protein Shake, designed to stimulate weight loss while encouraging good digestive health. This new shake is available now at all Boca Health Locations.

Boynton Beach, FL, May 02, 2011 -- Boca Health is excited to announce the Boca Health Protein Shake, a new meal replacement shake specifically designed by Boca Health’s bariatric physicians to encourage weight loss and digestive health.

Every smart diet incorporates certain essential minerals that are not naturally produced by the body and are needed daily. However, it is difficult to get a healthy serving of all minerals in a single meal. Boca Health’s new protein shake includes all of these minerals, as well as adequate servings of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

This powerful protein shake was formulated by Boca Health’s very own weight loos doctors, designed to work in conjunction with the Boca Health Diet. The perfect balance of essential minerals and nutrients make the Boca Health Protein Shake a suitable replacement for any meal. Every serving is fortified with proteins and amino acids like leucine to promote muscle growth. The shake’s specially selected fats give the body a feeling of fullness, decreasing hunger to a more controllable level. Furthermore, a substantial serving of complex carbs is included to keep individuals energized throughout the day.

Boca Health’s medical weight loss doctors doctors place strong emphasis on digestive health. “A diet alone will not guarantee weight loss,” says Dr. Marc Schlosser, a physician at Boca Health’s medical weight loss center in Boynton Beach. “It is also important to maintain a strong, healthy digestive system.” For this reason, the Boca Health Protein Shake contains certain non-digestible ingredients called prebiotics which aid the body in the growth of important digestive bacteria. The drink’s digestive enzymes help metabolize sugars and proteins while revitalizing the digestive system. The new shake is specially designed with three different proteins, the whey protein digests in the first hour, the egg protein digests in the second hour and the caysine protein is digested in the third hour. These smart proteins create a time release effect, thus creating a long-lasting feeling of fullness and energy.

After only four weeks of availability, patients who have added the Boca Health Protein Shake to their diets are already experiencing new muscle growth and significant reduction of body fat.

Those who use the Boca Health Protein Shake are encouraged to “think outside the glass,” and be creative with this sensational shake. When mixed with fruit and placed in a freezer, a basic protein shake can be transformed into a delicious batch of frozen yogurt. The shake is both lactose and gluten free, making it a suitable addition to any vegetarian, vegan or lactose intolerant diet.

The Boca Health Protein Shake is available now at Boca Health’s locations in Miami, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach. For more information, or to receive a free medical weight loss analysis, contact the Boca Health weight loss center nearest you.

About Boca Health:

Boca Health is a premier physician supervised metabolism and medical weight loss center with a unique approach to weight loss. The team at Boca Health understands that eating less and exercising more doesn’t work for everyone and that is why they have created the Boca Health diet, a revolutionary new diet supervised by their medical weight loss physicians. The Boca Health Diet is customized to fit the weight loss needs of each individual patient. Boca Health uses a variety of tools to assist in healthy and long term weight loss including HCG for appetite suppression and targeted loss of stored fat, meal replacement programs and other appetite suppressants for those who require additional assistance with hunger pangs. The Boca Health diet is similar to the HCG diet; however, our physicians do not endorse the 500 calorie diet advertised for the standard HCG Diet. The Boca Health diet delivers much better results because of the high protein consumption, increased calories and the ability to exercise while on the diet.

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