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Blue Asset Management Going Green

2019-06-24 04:44:17 Business


Charles Blumenkehl of Blue Asset Management LLC says his company has a responsibility to be eco-friendly and do their part to contribute to a safer environment.

Wayne, NJ, April 27, 2011 - As owners and operators of rental properties throughout northern New Jersey, Charles Blumenkehl of Blue Asset Management LLC feels his company has a responsibility to be eco-friendly and do their part to contribute to a safer environment.

Blumenkehl has identified a number of ways to "go green" in his buildings. Said Blumenkehl, "With more attention focused on protecting our environment and saving our natural resources, we have found numerous ways to assist in this effort by making our buildings more eco-friendly, These initiatives range from simple things like increasing our periodic inspections and encouraging our tenants to report water leaks, however small that may seem, running toilets, unplugging electric devices that aren’t in use, and switching to green energy sources where practicable. We have also been using water-saving devices and adding features to existing systems to help cut down on the amount of water and energy our buildings will need to use without cutting back on amenities, installing window treatments where possible to cut back on the need for air conditioning in the summers and using roof coatings that help save on heat and electric use. We are using chemical-free paints, adhesives and other maintenance-related products that are no more expensive than their competitors. As property managers desiring to 'green' our space, we have identified plenty of low-cost ways for our buildings to be friendlier to our environment."

Blumenkehl added that by encouraging his tenants to save on resources as well, they will also cut on their own electric and heating bills benefiting themselves as well as the eco-environment. "Our tenants can go green by unplugging appliances and using chemical-free products. They can help us to identify leaky faucets quicker, and install their own window treatments to conserve heat in the winter and to keep their units cool in the summer without cranking up their air conditioning," said Blumenkehl. "We also encourage our tenants to recycle, and are installing recycling containers in buildings where it makes sense.

"There’s a myth that there isn’t a lot that renters can do, and that the onus of eco-friendly initiatives fall solely on the landlord," concluded Blumenkehl. "But, our individual behavior as well as those efforts made by property owners like ourselves will have a huge impact on sustaining our environment. Our residents have a lot of opportunity to make a big difference themselves, and will also benefit by having lower utility bills to pay."

Charles Blumenkehl has owned and operating rental real estate in New Jersey since 1977. He founded Blue Asset Management LLC to leverage opportunities arising from the mortgage and real estate meltdown of the past few years. For more information about Charles Blumenkehl or Blue Asset Management or to present real estate investment opportunities to the group, log onto the company website at or call the company directly at 973 835-1400.

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