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Tax Resolution Services, Co.® Offers Last Minute Tips for Filing 2010 Returns

2019-06-19 09:02:57 Business


Tax relief expert offers consumers advice on filing income tax returns.

Encino, CA, April 14, 2011 -- With the tax filing deadline quickly approaching, struggling consumers will need to know how to reduce their tax liability by taking advantage of all the new deductions and tax credits and how to get effective tax help if they can’t afford to pay their tax bills. According to tax relief expert Michael Rozbruch, with the IRS enforcement budget at a record $5.5 billion, one of the most important tips for preparing tax returns this year is to file a complete and accurate tax return to reduce the chances of an audit.

“I also tell my clients that if you don’t have enough money to pay the IRS this year, send in what you can afford, even if it’s only a $10 check with your tax returns,” said Rozbruch, CEO and founder of Tax Resolution Services, Co., a company that provides affordable solutions to people with IRS problems. “This makes it possible for you to file on time and avoid penalties, while creating a computerized record at the IRS showing that you made a good faith effort to pay some of the money you owe. This will significantly lessen your IRS penalties and may make your negotiations for a tax debt settlement easier later on.”

Rozbruch also advises that consumers who owe the IRS $25,000 or more to seek professional tax representation from a credible expert tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist who can help them explore potential tax relief options. And for consumers interested in reducing their tax liability and avoiding IRS penalties, Rozbruch’s advice includes the following:

E-filing is mandatory this year, so if you don’t want to e-file be sure to sign a form opting out of e-filing.

Deducting charitable donations to Haiti can help you save on your tax bill.

Self-Employed – don’t forget that your first installment for estimated taxes for 2011 is due April 15, 2011.

For more 2010 Tax Return Filing Tips, visit:

Tax Resolution Services, Co. ® is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in trouble with the IRS. Our tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax relief professionals have successfully resolved thousands of cases since 1998 and are committed to making sure our clients’ experiences exceed their expectations. For more information or to receive a FREE tax relief consultation, visit or call 888-851-5894.

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