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WP Scope Review. Periscope WordPress Plugin sells over 5,000 copies in 24 hours

2019-06-15 08:53:07 Design


Customers looking for the latest Video Curator Software can purchase WP Scope by Cindy Battye. The detailed product listing can be found here

WP Scope is designed to appeal specifically to Online Professionals, Bloggers, Website Owners, Affiliates and Product Owners.

WP Scope takes fresh viral and unique video content that is found on Periscope and automatically places it on your website or blog.

Periscope had 1,000,000 users in the first 10 days, 10 years of live video watched every single day and over 400 years of content viewed since it launched a few months ago. This video content is then deleted every 24 hours. This is a huge untapped video content source that can be captured by WP Scope and added to your website or blog. Periscope is likely to only increase in popularity resulting in an ever increasing source of quality and relevant videos for your website or blog.

WP Scope has a large set of features which includes:

Auto Scan And Detect - WP Scope doesn't just automatically detect when you've posted a new Scope, it's constantly scanning Periscope for new relevant content from your favorite Scopers.

Auto-Extract - Once detected WP Scope extracts your chosen Scope, ready to be curated, optimized and published.

Auto-Optimize - WP Scope creates headlines, SEO titles, tags, and optionally any attribution you've specified during set-up to your blog post. It'll even add a customizable YouTube description for you.

Auto-Syndicate - All curated Scopes are automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel, building another audience and creating more SEO-friendly links back to your money site.

Auto-Publish - WP Scope will publish your newly curated, optimized content straight to your blog, ready to start pulling in traffic, leads and link juice.

WP Scope is perfect if you want to build an online expert brand, or if you want to deliver cutting edge content to engage your subscribers and buyers. It will work for you even if you don't create a single video.

A spokesperson for WP Scope explained, €œWP Scope is set to revolutionize the way marketers use video. It taps into an extensive source of video content that can be automatically added to their blog or website to deliver capturing videos for their visitors."

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go to the product listing, here:

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