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A New Mobile App Introduces Neural Network Vision For Pictures

2022-08-04 01:03:19 Business


A new mobile app called ‘Deep Dream Photo Filter’ has come up with advanced options like zooming endlessly into their photos or distorting the photos in order to make them look weirdly attractive so as to enable one to enjoy the fun of neural networks.
The underlying concept is to let artificial neural networks, that have been trained on thousands of images from the internet, hallucinate their way of seeing the world onto the photos of the app user.

This is an app for android phones and the users need to have 2.3.3 version or higher. The app is already getting popularity because of the various special options it provides that make it easier to produce digital art.

It is noteworthy that in today’s world of enhanced social media interaction people are always looking for ways to improve their online presence and thus, photography is one of the mediums via which they try to improve their appearance. So, people are always welcoming new styles which could provide them with that special touch for their visual art. So, in this regards the app Deep Dream is a beautiful app as it lets people have unlimited, creative fun with their photos.

There are various functions of the app that people find remarkably appealing. One of those is the ‘Zoom Journey’ that allows one to go as far as they want into the image and make further new discoveries. Then, there is the ‘Dream Deeper’ button which enables one to repeat the last image dream and make it stranger and even more fantastic. And finally, the ‘Guide Image’ function lets the user select an image that serves as a pair of tinted sunglasses, so to speak, through which the neural network will interpret the world - The user creates their very own and unique style.

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