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Santwissen enters the Indian market with the first of its kind wearable Safety Solution for kids: SantWatch!It’s high time Kids wear their Independence.

2019-06-19 01:04:40 Technology


Bangalore, India - Santwissen announced the launch of SantWatch, a niche wearable safety solution for kids. SantWatch is an IOT (Internet Of Things) Solutions which integrates the best of GSM, GPS, BT, GPRS and sensor technologies to ensure peace of mind for parents that their kids are in safe hands.

“Child Security is a big concern in India. According to a 2005 report by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), around 44000 children go missing every year and 11000 of these kids are never found back. There have reports of child abuse in places where they are expected to be most safe. In these times, SantWatch brings a fresh air of hope that technology can and should be used to improve the safety of kids so that they can Step Out and Play”.

REACH redefined: Wearable Smartphone, GPS Tracker, Walkie-Talkie, BT connectivity

SantWatch comes integrated with quad-band GSM chip which allows 2-way communication between kids and guardians literally on a push button from the watch. With the Android and IOS applications, parents always know where their kids are. Thanks to the reliable Satellite and Tower based tracking capabilities of the SantWatch. It just doesn’t end there, Santwissen has integrated 2G based data 2-way data communication (Walkie-Talkie) so that parents and kids can send recorded messages to each other. Oh yes, it has BT which alerts parents when their kids are not within their reach, mothers can now shop peacefully in the malls without fear of their kids getting away!

SantWatch for Safety : SOS alerts, Safety Area settings, Wrist-off alarm

Children can send an SOS alert which includes the geographical location through a push-button from the Watch once they sense danger. Parents can silently monitor the ambience of the children and decide to take appropriate action to prevent bad things from happening. Parents can set safety areas on their phone which acts as a virtual Geo-Fence. If anyone tries to remove the watch from Kids hand, SantWatch will immediately send an alert to the parents.

SantWatch Cares: Collision detection sensor, Hypoallergenic straps

Santwatch can sense collision when a kid is hit. Imagine a child stumbled down on a stone. A soothing call from a mother can prove to be a painkiller. The tender skin of the child has nothing to be worried about because Santwissen cares and has used 0% toxic Silicone for the straps and watch material.

SantWatch knows Fun: Pedometer, Trendy, Digital

SantWatch is a trendy digital watch which comes in 4 exciting colors. It has integrated Pedometer capabilities so that the kids learn the importance of exercising right from their tender years.

SantWatch is CE and RoHS certified. It is IP65 grade water-proof.

Availability and Pricing

You can gift your kid this perfect gift of freedom and buy yourself peace of mind at and through our other online retail partners. The introductory price for the solutions is 12,000INR which includes 3 months of server subscription, an exciting gift hamper for the first 500 customers and 1 year replacement warranty!

About Santwissen

Santwissen is a global IOT solutions provider for personal safety and security solutions with presence in India, Germany, Mexico and China. For more information, please visit our website at


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