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Inexpensive Commodity Trading ‘Price and Time’ Software with Money-Back Guarantee

2019-06-12 07:14:39 Business


Urbandale, IA ( ForPressRelease ) March 17, 2011 - The ‘Price and Time’ Trading Software created by David Rivera, is a result of intensive technical analysis of changing market trends over a period of 12 years of placing futures orders for the grain trading company he was employed in.

According to him, one of the most efficient and aggressively tried and tested techniques for successful stock trading and commodity trading are, Fibonacci trading and the Gann ‘Square of Nine’ methodologies. The ‘Price and Time’ software is deemed to provide a user-friendly platform to be able to calculate potential reversal points just by entering the prices and dates. It is a strategic configuration that allows a flexible use of either Fibonacci trading or Gann trading calculations.

“Most of the software in the market is based on either Fibonacci or Gann trading techniques. A software that allows you to choose and switch between both Fibonacci and Gann calculations can set you back by thousands of dollars and more,” says Mr. Rivera.

David strives to offer the substantially new entrants in the trading scene with cost effective ‘Price and Time’ software for commodity trading and stock tradings’ user-friendly analysis at sloshed down rates for a limited period. “Most Fibonacci and Gann trading software that calculate potential price reversal points assume that you're already familiar with the basics and are far from being user friendly,” says Mr. Rivera.

Also, the package comes with a free 7 part email course that preps you up for your trading venture with Fibonacci trading and Gann trading techniques. Additionally, you also receive a handbook explaining the fundamentals of Fibonacci and Gann trading.

Moreover, if that was not convincing enough, the creator of the software is so confident on his product that he promises to return the cash back within 60 days trial period of the same. “You have 2 whole months to test drive this software absolutely risk free and in the unexpected event that you do not like it, simply request for a prompt and no questions asked refund,” he exclaims.


Stock trading and commodity trading give huge returns on your investment but not without a risk in the process. To duly eliminate this risk one must adopt a professional as well as tried and tested approach towards one’s trading activities. This is why offers a unique and inexpensive Price and Time software for trading using Fibonacci trading and Gann trading techniques.

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