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Multichannel Marketing and an App Revolutionises Grilling at Coastline BBQ

2019-06-13 11:59:04 Design


A new multichannel marketing strategy alongside a specialised app has seen Coastline BBQ sales take off. In the last couple of years, the number of BBQ and BBQ products being sold online has increased throughout Australia.  

With the Magneto platform providing a solid foundation for their online eCommerce store, Coastline BBQ sought out Alinga eCommerce to help them optimise sales opportunities and get their products across other channels.

Implementing Multichannel Marketing

The number of ways customers can potentially come across a brand has increased ten fold since the turn of the century and thanks to Alinga eCommerce, being able to manage online marketing campaigns expertly, the customer experience is cohesive regardless of where you come across the Coastline BBQ brand.

With new methods of marketing available, another vital one is getting people to subscribe to your email list. While this is was an easy option to integrate, any time a website visitor arrives on the website and leaves their email address, the future sales potential for Coastline BBQ from this customer is great.

The value of an email address is highly speculated, but this simple addition adds great value to an online store long term.

As technology becomes more and more mobile, people are not always jumping to their laptop to make purchases online. Coastline BBQ realised this and thanks to many app development projects in their portfolio, Alinga was able to create an app to provide a smooth buying experience with no small fonts or annoying pop-ups leaving your device in threat of going airborne across the room!

When you arrive on the app, you see the Coastline BBQ branding, a search function and six menu options, allowing you to search for the product you are after.

The menu options are all understandable regardless of your BBQ knowledge; barbeques, fireplaces, heating, kitchens, accessories and specials. This ensures the customer can get right to the item they desire in as few clicks as possible. You can log in if you have previously purchased online and get straight from the checkout to sales confirmation in a couple clicks.

Another great aspec,t at the suggestion of Alinga, was to add a live messaging feature. When a member of staff is online (regular business hours), you are able to talk to a real human about any questions and concerns you have. This is a massive asset for Coastline BBQ, with any customers who are having any difficulties choosing between the 1000’s of products available. A four minute chat can convert a maybe sale into a confirmed sale.

Online sales can make or break your business in a competitive retail space. If you need to freshen up your current online store or need to get your products online, Alinga eCommerce has 10+ years experience in doing just that. To find out more, request your free quote today.

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