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A New High Performance Website Matching a High Performance Tool

2019-06-12 02:08:51 Design


With so many websites all attempting to get our attention, having a good-looking home page is vital. People must be able to figure out what you sell, know who you are and have no issue on trying to work out where to move to next on your site.

Alinga helped Torqit nail this.

An Effective Homepage
On the homepage sliders, the Torqit logo is featured clearly and the text is minimal yet describes what they provide; high performance specialists and 4WD performance specialists for vehicles.

If you want to jump straight into looking at their product catalogue, right below the sliders is a clear drop down menu with options everyone can understand: make, model, series and product. The call to action is easy to spot and you can even choose to select your make and model from the buttons on the sliders themselves.

Use of Free Code From Recognisable Brands
The one pet peeve many people have when trying to find out where the physical store of a retailer is from their website is the hopeless, usually broken mapping feature. The designers of these websites have thought too much about the maps and how best to present them and not about the end user who will be using them.

Alinga eCommerce went with the easy option that is recognisable to all, Google Maps. Google Maps allows for easy website integration, so they went ahead and did this with no issues at all. They have also added the Google Translate API, a simple feature that helps customers who do not speak English as their first language to find the store too.

Quality, Relevant Photography
Having bad photography on your website is an instant turnoff for visitors. The pictures featured on the Torqit site are of vehicles in action, off road and look like they have held up well like a high performance vehicle should. This is a great way to ensure customer trust in the brand.

Uncomplicated Colour Scheming
Most web design companies say you need to focus on white space for the best user experience, which for Torqit was not realistic. The team at Alinga didn’t look down on this, they took the practical steps of making the site black as its primary colour, ensuring the minimalist feel of the website was still maintained.

Lead Capture Integration
Alinga has also ensured the simple process of capturing email addresses has been added, with a newsletter sign up form toward the bottom of each page. Alinga never misses a simple opportunity to help their client’s long term whether it is a requested feature or not.

A Consistent User Experience
Beyond the newsletter signup, the consistency shown throughout the website leads to a great customer experience. Every page has the main menu across the top, enabling easy navigation and on the top right corner, the contact number for Torqit is prominent, as is the shopping cart section, enabling access at all times.

The less time you need to search for things on a website the better, which is great as the Torqit site is so user friendly with this consistency.

Alinga eCommerce is as a high performance team with over 10+ years experience working side by side retailers on their eCommerce stores. If you would like Alinga eCommerce to work some magic with you, get your free quote today.

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