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Leon Churchill Sees California Drought’s Bright Side: Solar Power

2019-08-17 10:42:12 Government


San Ramon, California (June 3, 2015) – The State of California has been experiencing one of the most severe drought in US history. Water shortage is prevalent to the point that it has even become an object of thievery. However, Leon Churchill l wants to take a look at the positive side of the situation: In his 25 years of experience in urban planning, he has learned that the only way to get past environmental challenges is to utilize whatever nature affords to provide.
“Less rain means more sun. Which is good news since the state can now use its highly-advanced solar power plantations,” says Leon Churchill. In the Mojave Desert alone, there are already ten solar power facilities, and the number keeps growing. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the state is currently the leading market for solar nationwide, with more than 4,000 new customers each month. Solar companies in the region are able to generate about 10,000 megawatts of power,capable of powering almost 2.5 million homes.
Solar energy can be converted directly to electricity or heat energy. Using solar photovoltaic cells, solar radiation is converted to DC electricity right away and can be used to power calculators, traffic signals and solar watches. Solar-thermal technology, on the other hand, transfers the sun’s heat through a fluid medium. The energy from this is then utilized for space heating or water heating systems without harmful carbon emission.
Leon Churchill, during his time of service as the city manager of Tracy, has successfully negotiated a land lease that brought an independent producer of solar power to the city. According to him, planning the long-term development of cities amid rapid urbanization should include getting the most out of the location’s resources. In the case of California, it’s solar power.
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Mr. Churchill is a seasoned city manager who specializes in innovative changes. A Master’s in Public Administration degree holder from the University of Kansas, he currently works as a real estate professional / urban regional planner for Landcastle Real Estate.

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