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AnoChatApp now available on the App Store

2019-07-15 12:46:49 Technology


AnoChatApp, as seen on the web at, is a completely safe and anonymous chat application that does not require users to enter any personal or identifying information when registering. The application allows users to communicate in SMS and MMS formats in both public forums and private messaging in total privacy, unlike other communication apps.

For the first time, users can truly disappear when chatting with others, maintaining their privacy and safety. Whether they are texting or chatting, users are free to confess any secret, ask for help with sensitive topics, and meet in public forums or post their opinions without the fear of anyone locating them or compromising their privacy. At the same time, users can also make themselves visible to certain searches so that they can connect with those who want to discuss particular topics or who fit predetermined criteria, all without the necessity of revealing personal information.

As seen at , AnoChatApp is a free, real-time and anonymous messaging application that allows users to auto-delete their chats, photos or texts based on personal preferences. The easy-to-use app requires no signup or registration, and while individual profile information can be created to allow users to appear in searches based on discoverability filters, private and identifiable information is never shared with others. This allows users to "surf" the chat topics and find other users quickly and easily without revealing their own personal data.

Additional Information

For more information on AnoChatApp, see it on the following social networks:


Screenshots, icons and other related media are available for download from here:

Pricing and Availability

AnoChatApp is a private form of chat and text communication that allows users to create their own profiles and browse other profiles while maintaining complete anonymity.

The app is available free on the App Store and it is designed for iPhone® and iPod touch®.

AnoChatApp requires OS 8.0 or newer. The App Store Link is located at:

Press Contact
Contact Person: Lazar Sidor
Address: 400364, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Phone: +40740281108


User :- Lazar Sidor


Phone :---

Mobile:- -

Url :-


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