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FIFA 16 Graphics Gameplay and New Features Will Be Revealed in E3 Trailer

2019-06-12 01:57:30 Design


EA has confirmed that fifa 16 will join in E3 conference, in which new features, including major graphics and gameplay improvements will be revealed. Before the E3 trailer publishes on June 15, let’s take a first look at what will be improved and what is the most expectation from gamers!

Gameplay and player emotion will be improved for Fifa 16

Over the last decade, EA has made lots of improvement for every version of fifa to provide gamers a playable football game, and there is no exception for fifa 16. The official website shows that E3 trailer will be released on June 15 to reveal some new features. At that time, EA will unveil major graphics and gameplay improvements in new version. Besides, they will pay specific attention to the stadiums, individual player emotions, and improved commentary. On this occasion, gamers would be enjoying over 600 emotions of players, teammates, and commentators and enter to a realistic football world.

Gamers’ expectations for new features in Fifa 16

As a highly expected version, Fifa 16 has been received lots of expectation and speculations. Although E3 conference is around the corner, many gamers can’t wait to giving some speculations. So what will it bring after the addition of female team? What are the most common expectations?

1. New leagues: it is the greatest expectation of FIFA fans while EA also said they have been fighting for the authorization of the new league. And this year Ukraine, Israel and Brazil have been received more than 100000 votes to join in Fifa 16.

2. More consoles: EA also showed their plan to put the game on more consoles to attract more gamers. So we may expect that new platform will be provided in fifa 16, maybe Mac OS X, who knows…

3. New professional mode: professional mode is one of the most popular game modes, and there are rumors that said "story mode" will be added in fifa16. Either or not, it is a good suggestion which sounds very exciting.

4. Judicial mode: it will be amazing if there is such a judicial mode, in which gamer can play as a judge rather than a player. Although it is not so easy, EA has also considered this issue, so why don’t keep a hope.

5. New features for FUT: Ultimate Team is always an important concern for fifa fans, so new features will be a must. Just stay tuned!

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