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Storm Throne-Tips for Pet Capture and Collect DungeonItems for Free

09, June 2015: In Storm Throne the pet system is very important. Let me show you how to use it:

1. First open the Pets interface. Click the Bestiary and you will find each pet Skills and Attributes, and information telling you if itís available for capture its location. Next step is to go to the Pets Map.

Pet Capture_1

2. Once in the Map, you will see the pets marked with the a paw icon above their heads. Click it and you will see a NET buttom, keep clicking it until the pet is captured.

Pet Capture_2

3. Capturing a pet requires patience. Look for them in the horizon of your map, the ones you need may appear unexpectedly. Thereís a refresh time of approximately one hour for each pet, and they usually appear around the same area. So if you find one, remember the place.

Pet Capture_3

Collect DungeonItems for Free:

As the players keep leveling up, and their Gear keep upgrading and changing, shortage of items becomes a major concern to improve their Battle Rating. Here, we will introduce the dungeons where you can get the most effective items.

Pet Capture_4

Solo refresh is not recommended until you get to Lvl50. Here you can find lots of Lvl 2Forge Crystal. It has4 BOSSES, just like the other dungeonsThere you can get tons of Imbue Nexus and Lvl 1 Star Stones, just a bit less than in the dungeon that requires 7500 BR (if you think there isnít enough items in the dungeons, you just need to recycle gears to access more and better dungeons.Also, rememeber: Rogues and Hunters with Battle Rating below 20000 are not advised to challenge this dungeon.

Pet Capture_5

Here you can find the very usefulLvl 3 Aeon and a very good chance of getting Lvl 3 Gems.

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