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Customer Complaints Scams

Consumer advocates and consumer advocate websites are important. They help to protect consumers from scams and poor quality services or products that don’t supply what they claim to. Or at least, that is what they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, many of these websites end up serving a completely different aim that has nothing to do with looking out for the interests of consumers and calling out genuinely fraudulent products or services. Ironically, it is these websites that end up being fraudulent, both to the consumers they purport to protect and those they groundlessly defame.

Websites such as and purport to be a sounding board for people to post complaints about poor quality of service they have received from companies or individuals. However, these websites are also the place where another kind of scam can take place.

This is how it works: people running the complaint websites pick out a well-known person or company that offers a product or service and post fake complaints calling out this person or company for non-existent infractions or falsified tales of bad or fraudulent services. Then, when actual people who may have a valid complaint are looking for a place to vent, they do a Google search for “[insert person/company name here] complaints” or something similar. Because of the content these websites already have thanks to the fake complaints, Google’s search algorithms lead these users straight to these websites, where they think they are reading the stories of kindred spirits whose story so closely mirrors their own. What happens then is that they post their complaints, boosting the amount of content on the website, making it even more likely for users to find it via search engine.

Two things happen at this point. 1: Users who may be searching for this particular company or person and their product or service may actually be more likely to find, or at least first notice, the slew of complaints on these consumer websites than they are to be put in touch with the actual company or person. This unjustly takes potential business away from this person or business. Another thing that happens is that people’s complaints never get resolved because they never get directed to the right place. The people running the consumer websites have no interest in doing this. They only have an interest in extorting money from the people and businesses they target.

This is where the scheme becomes lucrative for those that carry it out. When the target person or business notices that they have a big problem in the form of a mountain of complaints on a website making them look bad and marring their reputation, they may seek to have the complaint posts removed, especially since they know them to be false. The consumer websites will do this… for a price. For a large fee from the target, the consumer websites will take down their false complaints. This, of course, is the ultimate goal of the scam. They are put into a position where they may feel like they may have no other choice.

However, some people, such as real estate guru Dean Graziosi, have taken on the problem head-on. Graziosi has set up a website named, designed precisely to direct traffic away from dishonest consumer websites and towards his own legitimate one.

These companies and people, such as Dean Graziosi, do not deny that customers may have complaints. They wish it to be known that websites such as those described above help no one but themselves. They do not help the target to improve their business and they certainly don’t help the consumer. A legitimate complaint website such as gives consumers a way to field their complaints directly to the company or person they have an issue with and get it resolved. It also removes the disproportionate amount of complaints amassed on these misleading consumer websites. This scam can target anybody in the position of Dean Graziosi, who has something significant to lose from such a scam being perpetrated. Dean Graziosi strongly encourages others to take similar actions to both themselves and their customers.

Dean Graziosi
Dean Graziosi Inc.
Telephone: (800) 315-7782

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  • Name: Dean Graziosi

    Company: Dean Graziosi Inc.

    Telphone: (800)-315-7782 , +92-3157796296

    Address: 3901 E. Roeser Road,
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