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Horrifying True Story Behind Iron Bars of Tihar Central Jail run my Media Trial, Vikas Yadav

Most people have made many reminiscences of joyful occasions with their loved ones, some spending time with their grandpa; while he watches their grand children grow. Some having the practical knowledge with all the most up-to-date technologies, other taking pleasure in the work they do at their office. Sure there are people who work in their office and dislike their job as well. My emphasis in this story is not about men and women who hate their lives or have a life of freedom yet having difficulties to get anywhere in life.This story is to take you on a journey along memory lane behind four walls of Tihar Central Jail. How it feels to be behind bars when you have no other alternatives, when you are by no means forgotten by the mass public within your surrounding area that blossom on other peoples suffering without knowing facts of the case or being aware of the person who has been imprisoned. Thanks to media for such a big favor in the case of Vikas Yadavís life and case.How many people do you know who watch television news every night only to feed their brains with avoidable subject matters that have not relation to themselves or their family? Vast majority of people cannot go to sleep without knowing what happened to the chief executive of America and their economic system when it has nothing to do with their household existing in India. Agreed intercontinental knowledge of whatís developing around the world is essential in our society to hold a conversation with people or to fit inside a group of people. But that does not mean Media should flourish on making the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent only to sell their story among their competition to increase their own TRP.Vikas Yadav has become a victim of such atrocity by the media who continue using his name only when there is something bad to print or to talk about. And everything they discuss via their news channels are neither true or of any value, however because of the pressure from powerful corrupted people in our society even media has become a victim, now unable to get out of their own trapped web they have woven. Does this give media the right to run a media trial of the accused and influence the mind of innocent people who know nothing better, but thrive on subject matters for mental stimulation when they are hungry. Human mind lives on these subject to keep themselves excited about life in general because of their sedentary lifestyle. This is common in both developed and developing countries, like sitting, reading, watching television, playing video games, computer use, for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise. This lifestyle is also a huge contribution to many preventable causes of death, but who cares, itís better to hear and read the story of Vikas Yadav and other unnecessary matters published by media rather than going for a good run or a walk in the park. Wake up my friend and get a life, donít fall into the trap of media, you are not living in jail behind four walls rather you have freedom, so make the best use of this grace from the creator. Media is always prepared for weak minds as they take advantage of their feeble minds increasing their own bank revenue. Is it right to keep defaming someone continuously while writing trash about them only to increase their TRP.Is there nothing good to talk about Vikas Yadav? From my study and research being done, I have not come across anyone to this date whom I have interviewed among thousands who have mentioned anything which would portray Vikas in a bad movie as a Villain. Simple way to understand this would be like watching a Villain from the Bollywood movies who acts the role of a bad character. Even when this villain/star is seen on screen during and entertainment show our mind does not give us comfort because he is a Villain. On the other hand if the same amusement show was being hosted by a Hero/star like Salman Khan or Amitabh Bachan we would be happy to stay on this channel. Explanation for this is the behavior pattern of our mind and the image media has maintained to create in our minds, does that mean the hero we see on TV is a trustworthy citizen of our country without any short comings.Agreed Vikas Yadav was found guilty for a short period of time in the murder case of Jessica lal a high profile case in Delhi, India. A movie has also been produced called, ďNo one killed JessicaĒ, do you think every facts in this movie was the honest truth. Ask yourself this question before you make some verdict in your mind about Vikas Yadav. Donít you think the director and producer of this movie havenít spiced the narrative up for the lame audiences who would effortlessly consider anything they watch on TV? But off course the director and story teller would, if you think otherwise then you have either lack of practical experience, judgment, common sense or information and facts because you are very naÔve and believe everything you read and watch.Memory lane of this story will continue further, follow this page where you will find true stories of Tihar Jail like never heard before from the minds of inmates who are currently imprisoned and released.

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