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Using Melting Furnace To Ease Production

Manufacturer of Refractories, refractory fire cement, heat resistant sealants and adhesives, fire bricks, ceramic fibre and high temperature insulations, acid resistant cements, refractory castables, fire resistant boards, wood fired outdoor ovens.

Energy is important in virtually every process that requires change or movement. Heat is energy that is used to change substances from one form to another. Heat or high temperatures are required to make any manufacturing process feasible. A number of melting HORNOS REFRACTARIOS manufacturers have been introducing new and more efficient ways to make the process possible. By using induction heaters, many industries have been able to increase efficiency while reducing the cost of operation. Transferring heat between objects is referred to as thermal conduction. During the heating process using the induction heaters, the object is electrically conducted. The furnaces use induction to increase the metal temperature until it reaches its melting point. The induction heating is modified to the desired level to take care of every items needs. The melting furnace can be used in many different applications including metal hardening, melting, soldering, brazing, and heating for fitting. The induction heat works best on iron and its different alloys, due to their ferromagnetic nature.

The melting furnace manufacturers produce induction heaters that have a high frequency magnetic field. This is necessary for stirring the hot metal and is composed of a tube of copper rings that are water cooled. This is surrounded by the MATERIALES REFRACTARIO. The melting furnaces are very efficient and are playing an important role in the manufacturing sector. Metals that are extremely hard and have been problematic to work with in the past, are easily melted and turned into new shapes. The metal that is fed into the furnace goes through a chemical study that is aimed at analyzing the chemical properties of the metal. This chemical analysis is absolutely essential before any metal can be fed into the furnace.

Chemical assessment helps to avoid discrepancies in the final product. The carbon content of the metal is also checked after a large part of the process has been completed. Today, most foundries are using the induction melting furnaces, which have been found to use cleaner methods of manufacture. The furnaces are available in different sizes, ranging from those with a few kilogram capacities, to those with tonnes. Those who deal with different metals can find a furnace that is best for their needs. Everything from steel, iron, aluminium and copper; to precious metals like gold and silver, can be melted in the induction furnaces. At a time when caring for the environment is gaining prominence, the use of the clean and eco-friendly melting furnace is necessary. The ease, versatility and convenience of using the induction melting furnace has helped to enhance manufacturing processes. The cost effective nature of the furnace has proved to be a great incentive for many industry players. The manufacturing process leads to less wastage.

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