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Application of Magnetic Separation in Coal Preparation

Heavy media coal preparation technology generally uses the magnetite powder as the dense medium to prepare a certain density of the suspension as the separation medium. Using magnetic separation to recover the dense medium is an important part of the heavy media coal preparation technology.  Development of magnetic separators based on powerful permanent magnetic materials, construction of reliable superconducting separators, design of efficient eddy-current separators and industrial implementation of magnetic carriers and magnetic fluids are examples of innovative changes that have taken place during the last twenty years. The book reflects the current technological trends and re-positions the research, development and practice of magnetic methods of material treatment in such areas as minerals beneficiation, recycling, waste treatment and biomedical and clinical applications.

The magnetic separation is to use the magnetic differences between minerals in the inhomogeneous magnetic field to leave the different mineral separation beneficiation methods. The magnetic separation method has the advantages of simple process, high efficiency, low cost, less pollution, good economic returns, therefore, the magnetic separation is the priority of the beneficiation process in a lot of beneficiation process (re-election, flotation, magnetic separation, etc.). The magnetic separation method is widely used in black metal ore sorting, selection of non-ferrous and rare metal ores, heavy media beneficiation media recovery. In the past two decades, with the application of rare earth permanent magnets and superconducting magnets, the magnetic separation equipment has got surprising development. Its expanding range of applications in non-metallic mineral sorting, and the application of environmental protection, recycling, petrochemical catalyst regeneration and bio-technology has also got great development.

Magnetic force and the product of the magnetic field strength and magnetic field intensity gradient is proportional. The direction of the magnetic force and the magnetic induction gradient is the same. In a uniform magnetic field, gradH = 0, so the role of magnetic particles is zero.

Magnetic separation happens in a magnetic field of magnetic separation equipment. After the ores fed into the selected sub-space of the magnetic separation equipment, it is affected by the magnetic and mechanical force (including gravity, centrifugal force, viscous drag) and so on. The magnetic properties of different mineral particles are subjected to different magnetic forces to move along a different path. Due to the different path of particle movement, so you can obtain magnetic products and non-magnetic products. The movement path of the magnetic particles into the magnetic product is determined by the ratio of these mineral particles on the magnetic and the mechanical force. The movement path of the non-magnetic particles into the non-magnetic products is determined by the joint force of the mechanical force on them.

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