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Research Shows EMST150 EXPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINER Increases Expiratory Muscle Strength Across Populations

EMST150 EXPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINER shows increase in expiratory muscle strength across populations from athletes to musicians to singers and to those burdened with a neuromuscular disease such as Parkinsonís. The research shows that training with the EMST150 increases expiratory muscle strength by 30-50% regardless if you are young or old, an athlete or a couch potato or a Parkinsonís patient.

Boca Raton, FL, US, August 07, 2012 -- The EMST150, the most empirically studied expiratory muscle trainer globally has been exclusively licensed to Aspire Products of Boca Raton. The EMST150 has shown in a significant number of research studies improvements in certain breathing, cough and swallowing functions from teenagers to the elderly, to athletes, to musicians and singers.

The research shows that training with the EMST150 increases expiratory muscle strength by 30-50% regardless if you are young or old, an athlete or a couch potato or a Parkinsonís patient.

The breather, developed by Dr. Paul Davenport and clinically tested with Dr. Christine Sapienza, both of the University of Florida, has been shown to increase cough strength in healthy subjects and several patient groups as a direct result of EMST150 training. Increased cough strength is vital to airway protection and may include other airway protective behaviors such as swallowing. This is critical to an aging population.

Davenport and Sapienza were two of the researchers studying respiratory strength rehabilitation from the University of Florida who worked directly with Christopher Reeves in helping to get the Superman star off of his ventilator for short periods of time.

"The EMST150 has been proven to increase exhalatory muscle force in all healthy and patients groups studied to date. By using the EMST150 and following the training program, you can expect a 30% to 50% increase in your exhalatory muscle force. Further, training breathing muscles with the EMST150 has been shown to improve cough function by increasing exhalatory muscle force. The EMST150 helps to protect the airway during swallow by clearing the airway more effectively" said Dr. Davenport.

Studies show that the breathing trainer can improve exhalation pressure in many types of neuromuscular diseases, such as Parkinsonís Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

For Athletes, EMST150 training resulted in increased exhalation strength, including a decrease in breathlessness. This was especially evident in swimmers, underwater divers and track and field athletes. For musicians, the device increases exhalation pressure and lung capacity. For singers, it additionally increases sound intensity and maximum phonation duration.

Vivian Topp Klein, M.Ed., CCC-SLP and Clinical Director of the company stated:

"In my 30 years as a clinician I have never worked with a device and treatment protocol as effective as the EMST150 for clients with voice, speech or swallowing difficulties."

The EMST150 is currently used globally by Speech Language Pathologists and therapists, as well as by Athletic trainers and band members who play wind instruments and singers looking to increase projection and endurance.

For information people can go to

Aspire Products, LLC is a technology transfer company focusing on therapeutic devices targeting cough, swallowing and increased breathing capacity.

Contact: Dr. David M. Klein, , 561.213.6390  

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    David M Klein, PhD
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