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Revealed: 3 World Powers – God, Satan and You

Receive a vivid description of the three world powers; God, Satan and you through Jaden Mars’ new eBook, “Invisible Powers – Loose Yourself and Run.” Now, actual accounts of how each power operates and why most people are unaware they even have power. Stop feeling defeated; God gives us power but most don’t either know it or know how to use it.

There are enemies who work incognito to convince us otherwise by distortion, deception and lies so we won’t step up and use the power available to us. Learn how the enemy works to sabotage your abilities and gifts and how he uses the people around you, who are totally unaware of being used, to accomplish his goals. Discover not only what and who’s behind the world’s power but why power is so important to them.

You can actually loose yourself and run thereby achieving your vision and goals as well as relieve yourself and loved ones of bondages, barriers and self-destructive behaviors. Jaden Mars reveals hidden powers in everyday life that people actually pray about. You will have numerous ah-ha moments as this book reveals truth without compromise.

Unadulterated truth doesn’t have to be frightening, confusing or guilt ridden, but it needs to be simple, easy to grasp with humor and delightful understanding. Jaden Mars uses Bible stories in a fashion that introduces truths applicable in today’s circumstances. Truths become 3-dimensional in spirit, alive and personally vibrant in depth. Solutions to your struggles and problems begin to surface as you read.

If you’ve always wondered why God delivered his written word to humans who penned certain aspects which seem unclear or difficult to apply, finally be relieved and encouraged, these stories are simple so even the most discouraged and frustrated soul can find answers and peace.

If you thought before that God could somehow make life simpler and given us hints and clues to what our next step in life should be, to take us closer to our inner vision, Jaden simplifies that by revealing a quiet, hidden God and shows you how He’s already connecting and speaking in ways we’re not recognizing.

We want the freedom to connect with something greater than us and outside of ourselves but without the fear factor and guilt trips. We want independence so it can be frightening to hand over our control and our will to God. We know it’s a trust issue but have trouble putting that part into action. Yet, Jaden reveals how we literally hand over our control and will to a government who doesn’t give a flip about us, our needs or future. Watch how Jaden reveals the little things in life we don’t think about, but are truly important to us. Jaden discloses ways the enemy has blatantly ripped us off and is throwing us to the lions while we walk through each day with a ‘life as usual’ perception.

Jaden has a way of drawing even the skeptics to consider there just has to be a God who loves and cares for us. This Christian non-fiction eBook delivers an enormous level of simplification of Bible truths which touch and nurture the spirit man inside us while bringing clarity to the soul.

Find out where your power lives and how the other ‘two’ powers are, day by day, vying for your attention, no let me rephrase that, competing for your very soul; one to save it and the other to destroy it. Learn to discern both. If you don’t loose yourself into your greatness, no one else will.

For a ‘free’ eBook, for more information on “Invisible Powers – Loose Yourself and Run”, and to see three short videos visit  

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