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The Way to Connect Laptop to TV by Using Cables

Watching video from laptop is a little bit difficult because the screen is too small. On the other hand, changing the format of the video takes more time and sometimes it is complicated to do. Actually, there is a simple way to watch video comfortably without need to change the format first but you get bigger screen. What you have to do is connecting your laptop to your television. The most important thing is that the way to connect laptop to tv is simple. Here, you will learn a little bit about How to connect laptop to tv. The specific equipment you need to prepare to connect your laptop to tv is only a cable. The cable is known as S-video cable with 4 pins or 7 pins. This is because laptop has S-video port and on the other hand television has S-video input. What you have to do is using the cable to connect between the S-video port and the S-video input. For your information, it is also possible for you to use a little bit older version such as VGA cable with 15 pins. Interestingly, VGA cable helps you to watch your favorite video from laptop to TV with better picture quality.

How to connect laptop to tv if you have the latest HDTV? Actually, it doesn’t matter because you still do it. Specifically, you can use specific cable called DVI Male to Male cable or DVI to HDMI adapter. Some of HDTV doesn’t have DVI port but it has HDMI port. If you have this kind of television you can use DVI to HDMI cable to connect laptop to TV. After connecting the cable explained above you need to connect one more cable known as mini plug to RCA cable stereo. The function of this cable is for the sound. The cable consists of three connectors which are differentiated by color. The color is white, red, and black. The black connector is connected to the black socket, red connector to the red socket, and the white connector into headphone jack in your laptop. The next step, you need to focus on your laptop. You need to open the display setting on the laptop and active the output to the screen of your television. It is up to you whether you want to display into dual monitor screens which are in your laptop screen and your television screen. It is also possible to do this step for windows 7 but you have to press the shortcut window and P to get quick access. When this step is done you can change the focus to your television. In this case, you need to pick up your television remote and start to change the menu into external input. Actually, you will see the default setting “video 1”. What you have to do next is changing the setting. Commonly, it is changed by “HDMI 1” or “video 2” just check the connection so you know the right setting for the television. Some people were complaining because they were failed to connect it. Commonly, the problem is that most people connect the cable when the computer is on. Just make sure that you are connecting the cables before turning on the computer. This is concerning to the fact that sometimes your laptop is failed to recognize the external display when you connect the cables when the laptop is on. It is also a common thing if people complain about the distortion problem on the picture. What you have to do to solve this kind of problem is by changing the resolution of the television. You can change the resolution through control panel by choosing display setting.

Now, you know How to connect laptop to tv easily and step by step. Even, you also know how to treat if there is any problem such as distortion and failed to connect the video. Just follow the steps above slowly and make sure that you are connecting the cables correctly. Definitely, you can’t connect the video from your laptop to TV if you connect the cable in wrong position. If you don’t know the picture of the cable because it is your first time, you can just find the reference by searching online. The most important thing is that you don’t need to change the format which is complicated to do. Later, you can just use the step for your need such as presenting your meeting, teaching material, and of course watching your favorite video in comfortable way. One more thing to notice, it is also the cheap way to connect laptop to TV because you only need to buy the cables even it is possible for you to buy the cheap cable one as long as it is in the same type. Just try the steps now so you can fix if there is any problem earlier and definitely you are ready to perform the video in the next day.

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