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Consult Story Board Writers To Save On Costs And Labor

A storyboard is an important part of any film or serial or TV commercials or games. An artist should be able to draw anything, quickly and confidently. The significance of this art is to portray the story in pictures before they are actually made. It is a very difficult and intensive art, which requires great fluidity, experience and speed. Storyboard sequences may not be always tightly rendered but in most cases, the whole presentation gains from a loose and energetic atmosphere. After all, the main motive of the client, is to gather an approximate idea within a short time.

The history of Story board writing dates back to the early 1930ís when this form was first used by Walt Disney studio. However many material had been lost during the 1970ís when the studio archives were reduced.

Story boarding has numerous applications in various fields.

  1. In comic films Story Boards help film directors and producers to visualize the problems beforehand, thus saving a lot of investments.
  2. Often storyboards include instructions that provides a visual layout of sequences as they are seen through the camera.
  3. in the case of interactive media, In the storyboarding process, technical details that are involved in crafting a film or interactive media project can be properly and vividly described either in picture, or in additional text.
  4. In the theater story board artists act as special tools that helps directors and playwrights to fully understand the layout of the scene.
  5. In animation and special effects work, the storyboarding stage may be followed by simplified mock-ups called "animatics" to give a better insight about how the scene will look with motion and timing.
  6. Some writers have used storyboard type drawings for writing their comic books, often indicating placement of figures, backgrounds and balloon with instructions to the artist as needed.
  7. Storyboards are used today by industry for planning ad campaigns, commercials and business presentations intended to convince or compel to action. Consulting firms all around the world teach this technique to their staff so that they can use this during making a client presentations, thus frequently using the "brown paper technique" of creating trial presentation slides to a piece of Kraft paper which can be rolled up smoothly for easy transport.
  8. Storyboards are nowadays becoming more popular with novelists. As most of the novelists write their stories imagining the scenes rather than concentrating on the chapters, storyboards are handy for depicting the story in a sequence of events and rearranging the scenes accordingly.

One advantage of using storyboard artist is that it allows the user to experiment with new changes in the storyline to generate stronger reaction or interest. Flashbacks, for instance, are an outcome of sorting storyboards out of sequential order to help rouse suspense and interest.

This process of thinking and planning before a plan is executed allows a group of people to act together, drawing their ideas on storyboards and then arrange the storyboards as needed. This generates more ideas and awareness inside the group.  

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    Company: Frameworks Artists

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    Address: Frameworks Artists, LLC, 983 Manzanita Street, Los Angeles, CA 90029