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Know About Bunionette Surgery

This is a video of an ingrown toenail surgery in our clinic from start to finish. After numbing the toe, the edges are removed to give the best cosmetic result and a chemical is applied to prevent them from returning. This video contains graphic content, minors please obtain parental consent before viewing.

A tailor's bunionette is a bunion which occurs on the outside of the foot on the small toe. The term bunionette surgical procedure is used as it is usually smaller than a massive toe bunion. However its size does not necessarily mean that it is any less painful. They are so called due to their high prevalence in the clothing industry. The hours of sewing and cutting in a cross legged position often lead to their formation on the outside of both feet. They are most often caused by placing unnatural pressure on the side of the foot, more specifically on joint of the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot. When you look at other professions which display a high pattern of tailor's bunion formation the picture becomes clearer.

They could equally have been called ballerina bunions. Hours spent on point takes its toll and the delicate joints of the toes are often not up to the job. When pressure disfigures the toes temporarily, such as when wearing high heeled pointed shoes the toes recover their normal position. After some time they may require a massage to bring a small bit of life back. After extended use the body adjusts to the new position and bunions and hammertoe conditions can create. A bunion is either the formation of new bone caused a protrusion on the outside of the foot or the dislocation of the joint. It is often accompanied by the movement of the affected toe towards the others. It occurs at the first joint of the toe nearest the foot as a bunion and the outside as a tailor's bunionette surgery.

The condition is often accompanied by pain from inflammation of the general area and sometimes of the joint cavity itself. Swelling can be considerable, and there is often intermittent pain, both mild and chronic. Tailor's bunion sufferers can get relief from pain by something as simple as a hot bath, with essential oils or bath salts. Simple toe stretching exercises or the use of toe stretchers is also effective. A bunion night splint can be used for a long healing session when sleeping and when the footwear is changed to bunion shoes, or shoes with a wide toe box such as Crocs, daytime comfort is better.

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